Rouge Vif City - collectible?


What should I do with my new Rouge Vif City?

  1. Clear the way for a new bag.

  2. Hold on to her for a rainy day!

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  1. Now that most stores are sold out of ROUGE VIF what do you think about this color in the future? As many of you read in my "VIF vs. THEATRE" thread I own both.

    I was thinking of selling my vif - but now i'm wonder if I shouldn't. Although I have to admit that the Rouge Theatre is really my dream red b-bag. My vif is beautiful too, although i've never used her. That's another thing. I went through hell to get her (I got one of only 2 that came to my NM) - and then I moved and packed her away. Now settled in our new location (and since i've purchased my Theatre) I wonder if I should give her a new home since she's a "virgin" (haha) or whether I should hold on to her for a rainy day? Maybe in a year or two i'll dig her out and be happy that I kept her. Am I being silly? Does anyone think that the rouge vif (especially an UNUSED) one hold her value like the 2003 red balenciaga's have? It seems like this is one of the best reds that balenciaga has made in a while, and that people really seem to love it.

    I'm sorry if i'm sounding muddled, i'm just a little confused right now.
  2. This is her:
  3. if you don't love her i think u should sell...i have a vif first and i don't really see the bag being a collectible since bal seems to be producing a lot of red bags
  4. I agree with yaya! If you sell her you can buy one that you will use more often! Hard call but do what you think deep down you should do!
  5. The thing is I don't have any bags on my "Want" list right now. I just purchased a Bottega Veneta Hobo and a MJ Caroline. I'm pretty happy right now bag wise.

    But I could use the $ towards the other bags. (or I could keep RV in her dustbag backed away)

  6. I dont think you should sell her until you find another bag you want... that way, you can hang onto her - and who knows, in that time you might change your mind.

    At least you know shes there to sell if you do fall in love with another bag.

    Although there are a few reds out there, Rouge VIF has been in demand lately...

    Rouge VIF is my fav... I love my City :love:
  7. That is one gorgeous rouge vif! I agree with others saying to hold on to it. She may grow on you in the meantime, especially since there isn't another bag on your want list.
  8. Totally agree!
  9. I have a rouge vif City hibernating in the dust bag as well. I'm waiting for the new "rouge" 07 that's coming out next season to determine whether I should keep my RV or spring for a new rouge First/City.

    So I'll say keep it for now and see if there will be another bag that might pop up on your want list.
  10. I think I would hold onto her for a while. I am kind of going thru the same thing with my RV city. I just can bring up the guts to list her on eBay. And I have tried, even loaded the pics etc but couldn't go thru with it. RV is just a wonderful color and the leather is TDF so even if she sits in her dustbag, she still is mine:love:
  11. I have a RV city and I think its my favourite red so far... I carry it with red pumps, nice white shirt and black skinny pants and it looks very classy. The Bal Singapore sold out that colour exceptionally fast. I'm sure if you intend to let it go, it will have no probs.

  12. :yes: I have to agree!!! Balenciaga are always going to be putting out awesome colours! If it doubt - kick it out!!! JUST JOKING!!!
    I've got a rouge vif city - i think its a WICKED as colour - I was never really a red bag person until I physically held it in my hands.
    GOOD LUCK on what you decide to do. :supacool:
  13. If you don't really need the money for another bag right now...I think you should keep it...
  14. I've the RV purse and I think it's the BEST red from Balenciaga ever :yes: it's very close to the '03 red (I also had this and compared the colors) - but this is my opinion only, that's always matter of taste ;) !
    If you don't need the $$$ right now, I'd vote to 'keep it' until you want another bag 'more' than the RV.
  15. I think that you should hang on to her until you REALLY feel the need to let her go in exchange for another one. Unless, of course, you need the $$$, in which case you should let her go.