Rouge VIF spot on leather?

  1. Hi All,

    I just got my Rouge Vif City from Bal NY and there is a small black spot on the bottom of the bag. This was the first bbag I ordered- (ended up getting a black first while I was waiting for this!)

    I love the bag otherwise and have waited so long to get it. Part of me just wants to accept it, but part of me wants my bag to be perfect. Are there usually little flaws like this- should I accept it or try to exchange it?
  2. Exchange it! You paid a lot of money for that bag, you should be completely happy with it!

    Good luck!
  3. Sounds like you're not going to be able to accept her? Exchange it if the spot is going to bug you!
  4. yeah i think i am going to try to see what they say- i just love this color so much and have waited so long for it! just hope i will be able to get another one...

    or if maybe it wouldnt be as nice or have something else wrong with it...kind of scary having someone else pick your bag and mail it to you....think next time i will stick with picking out my own if possible.
  5. Fitzy - I agree with the cilla and zac. If you are not 100% satisfied with it, you should definitely do an exchange. Perhaps when you call the store, you can ask them to email you a pic before they send it? That way, you will know exactly what it will look like! Good luck and keep us posted! :flowers:
  6. Are you sure it's black? My R VIF has a few dye spots on one side. They're clearly red though. I kinda freaked at first but everyone convinced me that it's not too uncommon and could be considered part of the natural variation between bags.
  7. i def think it seems like a black/grey spot- its kind of hard to tell in the pic. i am torn about it...i love the rouge and waited so long to get it. i hope if i exchange that i will be able to get another..

    when my friend said she probably wouldnt have noticed if i hadnt pointed it out- at least right away. but it is def a dark color not a red variation.
  8. Call right away, a couple of days ago they said they either had or could get rouge cities. I didn't ask for details because I'm looking for another style. If it bothers you I would replace it.
  9. thanks for all the advice...wasn't sure if I was being too picky, but i think that spot will always drive me crazy even if no one else notices it.

    i called and they did say they had more rouge vif cities right i plan on driving down NYC tomorrow to hopefully pick out a perfect one...:smile: ill let you know what happens.
  10. I actually have a couple very small tiny black spots on mine, but it really isn't that noticeable and it doesn't bother me. If it bothers you, I would exchange it, though.:yes:
  11. I saw a rouge vif day bag at Nordstrom that had a tiny black spot on it too. The spot would bug me--for the price of the bag I think it should be perfect. I think you are wise to head to Bal NY and choose a new bag. You will be much happier in the long run! Good luck!
  12. I got one from NM and it has a few black spots on the back - must have been something with the dye. Anyway, I've asked for another one because its noticeable enough to bug me!
  13. thanks all- I had a very successful trip to BalNY. The SA so was helpful and let me look through like 10 bags to find the perfect one- think she prob thought I was obsessing and I probably was! i am soo psyched now about my new bag! Ill have to post some pics of it. I took it to see the statue of liberty while I was there:smile:

    They had tons of Rouge Vif cities if anyone is looking.

    Someone else mentioned the differences in color between the Rouge bags in different batches. This is definately true. The bag I originally got from Bal Ny was a VERY bright, hot red color, really popped with brightness. The leather was thin and light and it was kind of crinlky..there were some dark spots in the leather which she said was common on these ones.

    The batch they have now seems to be a deeper, more saturated red, like a strawberry, not as "hot" of a red color, more deep. The leather is very think and more matte on all of the ones I looked through there. I couldnt believe the difference in the thickness between the one I returned the ones there now...the one I picked is def a much thicker leather. I LOVE it....the color is not as bright, but I like the leather on it alot better, much smoother and more even color and much thicker. So I am happy with it.....think that spot would have made me crazy.
  14. Hmm...I actually really like the hot red but just ordered one from AR and I hope I still get that "pop" that I fell in love with...would you say it looks more like the photo below from AR than the photos you posted of yours with the spot?
  15. Fitzy I am happy to hear everything worked out, enjoy your new bag!