Rouge Vif City available at NM

  1. Lisa at NM in Troy Michigan just got a Rouge VIF City in.

    If anyone is interested, call her at (248) 635-8442.:flowers:
  2. Wow, I can't believe how many rouges are coming in! :nuts: :nuts: Thanks for the heads up jag!! :flowers:

    p.s. We miss you here!!
  3. Ahh, thanks cate!! I try to pop over whenever i can! I lurk more than post, but you know I love my b-girls! I'll try to stick around more often!
  4. Please grace us with your presence as often as you can! :yes: :heart:
    (I lurk in the Hermes forum, too. You're a great mod!)
  5. yeah jag!!!! you rock!!!! thanks for the info!!!! btw, i think Lisa is really lovely!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks Helen! And thanks for moving my thread- I am such a dunce! LOL!!!

    And Cate- you are too sweet! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support!