Rouge Vif City at Barney's NY Copley, MA

  1. I was on the list for a Rouge Vif city from Barneys NY Copley, Boston, MA. Not sure how many they got or how many people were wanting them. I already got mine from BalNY last weekend.

    If anyone is still looking for one and is interested in this one from Barney's they are holding it for me until Saturday. PM me and I will tell you who to ask for and what to say to take me spot.
  2. OMG! I thought they were only getting the first in that color! I'm schocked they have the city in this color! That's great! I don't want it but I'm sure someone here is looking for it!
  3. OH NO ... I did not want to hear this!!!! No wonder I have a number of calls from Barneys on my home voice mail ... uggh ... just when I have no disposable income (trying to save up for the vacation).

    GROAN ... :cursing: