rouge vif cities from balny

  1. after reading fitzy's feedback on her first balNY rouge city vs her second from the second shipment... i'm quite concerned about the one i'll be getting from the first shipment.

    to those of you who have received your rouge cities from the new york boutique, what shipment did you get yours from? and would you say yours fits the description of dark, true strawberry red or more of a bright red? or even a bright orangey red?

  2. I believe mine came from the second shipment, but I am not positive. I got my call on Wednesday of last week. I am quite happy with it. As to the color of my bag, well here it is, along with my makeup clutch, without the flash. What do you think of the color?

    DSC_0052.jpg DSC_0057.jpg
  3. i think the leather on your bags are GORGEOUS. it looks a little orangey in the pics, but def not as icky as the giant courrier i saw at Neiman Marcus... i got the call on tuesday afternoon and it was shipped out on wednesday (which was when they apparently just unpacked them). in person, do you think they're orangey looking?
  4. I don't think in person they are too orangey looking. I personally really like the color of my bag.

    So your bag shipped out Wednesday and you still don't have it?:crybaby: I hope you get it soon and that you love it. Post pics when you receive it!
  5. I tried to attach a couple pics..the two on the left are the original bag I had which was a much brighter, hot, red color. The leather was very crinkly, and it seemed delicate, thin leather. I actually liked the color of this one...thought it was very bright and popped.

    I exchanged due to slight black marks which bugged me. Kim sat BalNy said alot of the bags had these light marks, but each bag is different blah blah...just part of the leather. I specifially asked her to show me bags which did not have the mark and which were thicker.

    The two pics on the left are the new bag. The leather is very thick, and more saturated...a bit of a darker red. I dont think you can really tell as much in the pics, but in real life they def look different. My friend who was with me when I exchanged and doesnt know I thing about bbags even noticed the difference in the color and brightness. Wish the camera could caputure it better.

    I guess it depends on what you like..some have said they prefer the crinkly leather. And I liked the brightness of that bag. I chose to pick based on the leather and I liked the thicker more saturated red over the crinkly.

    Hope that helps some. I think in one of the other threads someone else also mentioned picking based on the same thing. Depends on what you like..Im sure you will find one you will love.
    BALENCIAGA1.JPG batc1bag2.JPG bag2.JPG leathernew.JPG
  6. i can def tell the difference of the leather... i personally like the thicker leather better. but the most important thing for me is COLOUR. i was really looking for the darker rouge colour, like rocksteady's purse... i'm just worried maybe all of the ones from the first shipment were lighter :sad:
  7. I was called on Tuesday, 8/29 so my bag could be from either shipment. My bag is the deeper red rather than the more orange red. I did let Joseph know that I preferred the deeper red color and I am very pleased that he found one with rich color. I hope your bag is perfect too!

    P.S. The color in my avatar is pretty true to the color of my bag. The photo was taken outdoors with no flash.
  8. My bag was from the 1st shipment. At first I thought it had an orangey tone, but I had just woken up when I first posted about it so I don't think I was seeing clearly. lol.:P Now that I look at it again, it definitely looks to be a true rich strawberry red. The back of my bag is really thick with less vein/distressing(kinda slightly pebbled almost). The sides are very thick and evenly distressed, and the front is evenly distressed with very slight veining. It's a wee teeny bit thinner in the front, but I've noticed that the more I use it, the thicker and plumper it seems to get. I've been using it with the front part against me when I carry it(so that part kinda rubs against me), it seems to be plumping it up. My bag is a lot thicker and very very very smooshy now. I love it. The veins also seem to be going away with only a week of solid use(i've used it quite a bit, though. lol). Here are pics of the bag from last week...
    Rouge Vif inside on sofa.jpg Rouge Vif White top jeans shoulder.jpg
  9. pupster, your city looks gorgeous!!! i love that colour. i called the boutique today and asked about the rouge city shipments and was told what happened was they had an INITIAL shipment of like 3 bags, then a full shipment of 50 altogether. i guess there are just variations between all of the bags... i hope i'm one of the lucky ones! *two more days*
  10. Thanks, Pinkpirate!:heart: I love my Rouge Vif City sooo much. lol! It's definitely getting thicker and thicker with use. I'm so crazily pleased with the leather now. I was happy when I got it and I just keep getting happier everyday. The distressing in the front is actually perfect for me now. I think there is a lot of variations in general with the Balenciaga bags because of the unique way that they distress the bags. The more distressed leather seems thinner because it's sorta pressed together and such(or whatever they do to make it distressed looking), but with use, it plumps back up. I'm sure yours will be beautiful!:heart:
  11. Pinkpirate - I received my rouge vif last Friday. Unfortunately, mine is on the orange-y side and it's also very distressed. After drooling over everyone's pics on the Rouge thread, I was so disappointed to see it was nothing like the lovely bags that I had seen here. :sad:
    I was ready to exchange it for another color (perhaps greige or blue grey?), but I think that when I call them, I'll ask to see if they have any more bags in stock that are a deeper red.
    I hope you receive one that you'll love!! :flowers:

    Pupster - Your rouge is amazing! :girlsigh:
    Oh, I hope they can find me one that looks like yours!
  12. ^ oh no.... cate, I'm so sorry to hear that! Was it more orange-y like that whistle bag we saw at NM? I hope they'll be able to find you a deeper red, or get another color... let me know what happen! :flowers:
  13. Yes, T! It wasn't strawberry-red at all. It looks more like a tomato-red! :yucky:
    I find myself wishing it would look like your rouge, though technically I know it'll be impossible since yours is from a different season. But I hear they may have some more berry reds at the NY store. Hmm....another color to consider! :shame:
    Thanks for your concern! (Btw, how's the packing going?)
  14. omg you guys i think i saw that SAME bag at nm sf!
  15. Awww C, hopefully you'll be able to exchange it to something you love! Packing sucks lol! I am soooo overwhelmed, but at this point, I'm throwing away things like there's no tomorrow :lol: Gosh I can't believe I only have a few days left :Push::crybaby:

    pinkpirate, I didn't know you're from the bay area too! So you saw that bag? How do you like the color? cate22 & I was kinda :wtf: when we saw it.... Definitely very orangey and doesn't look like any of the pics we saw here....