Rouge Vif Care

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  1. Hi girls i have been carrying my rouge vif work for over month now and im beginning to worry that it will show signs of wear too much currently i see no water marks but i think the handles have begun to darken and i want to protect the rich red it is. Id also like to keep the shine to some extent i dont want it to look dull and matte...dunno why but i love the shine a bit probably cuz it looks new :P anyway please post all your tips and processes.
  2. I ordered the handle protection spray and pre-treatment from lovinmybags so the handles won't darken and rain won't harm her. I don't have it yet but pupster has used it on her rouge vif city and it looks amazing. You might search for her thread to look all the details up.
  3. It looks to me like the lovinmybags pre-treatment might've removed the shiny finish (is that the case, pupster?). I think that would be something to test on a small inconspicuous spot before going whole hog.

    I can report that lovinmybags cleaner/conditioner definitely removed the shiny finish from my blueberry money wallet.

    I would recommend the apple garde spray as a way to protect the finish. The concept of the handle protector sounds good, but I'd like to see others' results before trying it - I want to know if it changes the color of the handles at all, or removes the shiny finish from the handles.
  4. Hiya! :smile: I applied Lovingmybags For Handles Only to prevent my handles from darkening and the pre treatment to protect my bag from stains and such. After the first coat dried, I saw no difference in the color and matte/shine of the bag. it remained the same, but after the 2nd coat, it was more matte. In the areas where I didn't apply as much of the Pre treatment, it is more glazed looking, though. The products don't seem to remove the glaze, they just go over it. So once the product wears off, the glaze is back. But, then again, BalNY said that the glaze will wear off and the bag will become more matte with use.
  5. i bought the conditioner/cleaner and the handle only cream from lovinmybag. i talked to gary (the owner) and he said that i don't need the pre-treatment if it's a new balenciaga bag. he recommended using just the cleaner and the handle only cream. so i bought the 8oz cleaner and a jar of handle cream for 50% off on everything (i mentioned tPF.. thanks :yes: ). but then when i used the products on my bag.. the rouge vif dye actually came off a bit. my cloth is now red :crybaby: but since the color on the bag didn't look faded.. i decided to apply the products on the whole bag.. twice :wtf: so far i can't really tell if the products made a difference on the leather.. but hopefully they will in the long run :shrugs:
  6. I forgot to mention that when I applied the Pre treatment a small amount of color rubbed off as well. It wasn't much, though, and I honestly did not notice the color of my bag changing or lightening at all after the process. I've been using my Rouge Vif daily and have noticed no color transfer, rub off, or darkening. It's early days yet, though, but I'll update. My bag is definitely getting smooshier and it feels thicker.
  7. I used the Apple conditioner and no color came off. I used a white terry cloth rag and there was a faint, very faint tinge of pink after doing 2 red City bags. This color transfer with the luvinmybags products worries me a little. My Mom got the products, I will try it and see if I notice more color removal with that product.
    I don't care for the idea of a cleaner conditioner in one. I prefer to use just a conditioner on a new bag and use a cleaner followed by a conditoner on an older bag that needs cleaning.