Rouge Vif Box?

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  1. Yesterday I went to H to take my Gold Kelly to be refurbished, and I put my name down on the order list for a Gold Swift G/H 35 Birkin arriving next Spring...So that's done....;)

    I'm still surching for a red Birkin, so I asked to see anything in Rouge Vif and Rouge Garance....there was nothing in R.Garance, but I was shown two agendas, one in R.Vif Box and the other in R.Vif Chevre Mysore...At last I've found the shade of red I was looking for!!:yahoo: I had seen R.Vif in Fjord, but it's too "raspberry" for me, while in these leathers it's a true "blood red"...absolutely gorgeous....So, since I've always had a soft spot for Box, I'm thinking of ordering at the next Podium a 35 Birkin in R.Vif Box G/H....

    What do you guys think?
  2. I LOVE Box, but I don't think I've ever seen Rouge Vif in Box! It sounds heavenly!!! I think you should order it :yes: ,especially if you love it!
  3. FABULOUS, D!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!!

    Rouge Vif in Mysore would be a STUNNER!!!! Did you buy the agenda in Box??????
  4. No D., as usual I walked out empty handed! I have to concentrate on the bags...:wlae: LOL! Yes, Mysore is lovely aswell, but I don't think they do a Birkin in Mysore, and I don't know if Coromandel would be the same exact shade of red....
  5. It sounds lovely duna!! Go for it...
  6. Duna!! I have a 35 Rouge Vif Box Kelly...I need to take a picture!
  7. Go, Duna, go!!
  8. i've never seen rouge vif in box, just rouge h! but i think it sounds fab, go for it!!!

  9. I just love Rouge VIF, it is my favorite red and I know it would be beautiful in either of those leathers:heart: . I wanted to add that I just ordered a Birkin in Chevre Mysore, so they are made in that leather as well.
  10. ^ Congrats, Sarah! What color? I love Mysore!

    DUNA - YAY!!!!! Rouge Vif box will have a sophisticated look mixed with the sexy, modern aura that Rouge Vif brings to any bag. Can't ask for more than this! You need this bag. With your fab collection of classic neutrals, this will be your bright star!!
  11. Thanks Greentea:smile: !! I ordered a Brighton Blue in mysore,.....I love chevre and was extremely pleased that they offered BB in mysore.

    But, I would be all over Rouge VIF in any leather:heart: :heart: , however, it hasn't been on the possible leather list here for awhile, which is too bad. It is such a beautiful red.
  12. ^ excellent choice!
  13. I had a vintage Jige in Rouge Vif Box and the patina was just outstanding! I don't see Rouge Vif in Box very often but it's stunning.
  14. Thanks girls for all your valuable advice!! :heart:

    Loveshermes: I'd love to see pics of your Kelly...!!!:yes: