rouge vif Box w/ BIN...lvlady99 strikes again

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  1. fendihunter, I LOVE your signature!!!

    and yes, the bag is gorgeous, too!!!
  2. Aww, thank you tiramisu:idea:

    Too bad she's rouge vif and not chocolate???;)
  3. I know... I am definitely eyeing on the Cafe First that is out now... But, I just bought the Ink Box that messengerbaglover returned at Barney's Chicago, so I will really get to experience the Box and color Ink for the first time! I have seen IRL before, but never owned one. I love the First, but want some more width. And City bags are bit too big for my weekend bags...:P

    Anyway, sorry to get off track...:back2topic:
  4. um can anyone tell me how they like the box, i'm thinking on bidding on this one but have never held a box before, just a twiggy. does it hold a lot, a good everday bag or what?? i LOVE this color and wanted a twiggy but cant find her so box it might be.....
  5. ^ I love the box. It doesn't hold as much as the twiggy, but I don't really use the extra space in the twiggy. the box is perfect and very easy to carry. It's a great silhouette and a longer strap. I LOVE the box. :yes:
  6. Could someone give me advice on making offers on eBay? (Is this question OK on tPF?) I've never purchased off of Ebay before, especially not a $1K bag!

    Doesn't this bag seem too pricey? Is it because Box is now discontinued? So do I just give an offer and do they always counteroffer? help?
  7. bal_newbie, you are supposed to put in only one offer per auction from my understanding. the seller will be alerted of your offer, and s/he can either accept or refuse your offer once they see what it is. i don't think sellers can counteroffer.
  8. ^^ Sellers can counteroffer, I've done it before.

    I did think that you can only put in 1 offer, but I've come across auctions where after I put in one offer, it'll then say something like "you have 3 more offers left for this auction" or something like puzzled me then, but I didn't bother to check up further on it cos I'd already put in my best-est offer. does anyone know for sure?
  9. I think ebay used to only allow you to put in ONE best offer, but now you can do up to 3 best offers with seller returning counter-offers.
  10. You can put in more than 1 offer. I just won an LV bag that way, after my first offer was rejected, I had the option of putting in another offer right away.
  11. The leather on this bag looks FABULOUS!!!
  12. bal_newbie , if you want to make an offer, don't bother making it more than about $100 less than the BIN. I've purchased from her a few times and she has ended up accepting my best offers but declined others. She won't go too much lower than her BIN price...:shrugs:
  13. Thanks fendihunter, I'm just confused because she just sold this same bag to someone else (a RV Box) and that BIN was 1099 and it sold for 999. Now she upped this BIN to 1199 (a lot for a box right??) and I wonder if she'll accept the same.
  14. If you're worried about buying from this seller, let me assuage your concern: I have bought from her several times and have had no problems at all. Just thought you might want to know.