Rouge Vif Box or Cornflower Box????

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  1. Hi girls, I am a virgin to Balenciaga.. But hopefully not for long!! :nuts: If you had a choice between Rouge Vif and Cornflower which color would you choose???? They are both gorgeous bags, and I'm torn between the two! Please all you experts out there, tell me your feelings between the two colors and if the box is also a nice style! Thanks much!!!!!! ;)
  2. the box is a great style but if it's going to be your first bbag, i'd suggest maybe getting more traditional sizes like city or maybe a first. Although getting the box before it's discontinued would be great...i think you should go for a city as your first bbag since it's a great everyday size! As for the color...i'd say either one would be great. If you want a bright and fun color that will add a POP to your wardrobe go for Rouge Vif...or if you want a bag that's more neutral and will go with most casual clothing then go for the cornflower. I think both colors are great and I can't choose.....:Push:
  3. I'd say get the rouge vif! :heart:
    I haven't tried out a box but one is on the way for me! I always liked the way it looked on the box going to be discontinued??
  4. ROUGE VIF! :yes:
  5. yea, I believe I read it on here. Along with the purse style. :crybaby:
  6. Thanks for your thoughts! Is the box larger than the city? Also is it smooshy? Do you guys use the shoulder strap, or is it more for aesthetics? Thanks!
  7. i just got my box in the mail today, its a good size. i really like it. It doesnt look as big as most bbags (think the city) but its perfect for me. Actually, I'm trying to figure out how to fill it. I was thinking of getting a city next, but i really dont know what all to put in it!

    I would go for rouge vif. I'm looking at getting a red first s/s
  8. Thanks msflutter! Ok, so what is it about the box style that makes it so much less retail than the twiggy and the city???? To the untrained eye, I would think the box would be almost a much as the twiggy, and just a lil more than the city..? I just want to be really happy with my 1st BBag!
  9. Rouge VIF!
  10. I think it really depends if you are a red person or a blue person. :P If you like reds, the rouge vif is a hot red that will attract attention. It's true and bright like a fire engine red. If you like blues, the cornflower is a true blue with no undertones of green or purple. It looks great with jeans and is very pretty and feminine. I don't think you can go wrong by choosing either one! Really you should get both because every woman needs a red and blue bag in their wardrobe! :graucho:
  11. very true mas :yes:

    I'd say Rouge Vif but maybe I dont count cause I have a bit of red craving at the moment :heart::heart::graucho:
  12. mas... you should be in the advertising team for balenciaga.
  13. LOL! Can you tell I'm a big fan??? hehehe.
  14. Rouge vif !
  15. ^^ my vote's for rouge VIF too :yahoo: