Rouge vif BOX- LVlady (again!)

  1. Btw, can someone please get this Box asap because it's sitting there on my computer monitor, looking all sexy and taunting me. It's killing me!!! But I'm on a purse ban!! Waaaa... :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Hot bag! I'd love to see LVlady's well-spring of Balenciagas. She lives in Hong Kong, maybe she gets them from Balenciaga HK? HK has a lot of good consignment stores too, maybe she raids those too. Intriguing...
  3. I just bought a Lilac Work from her so took this opportunity to ask her where all these great bags come from. She said that she has a friend who owns two stores that busy and sells authentic new/used balenciagas.
    That is her bottomless well of great bags.
  4. Mmmm... I just got a Rouge VIF City from her... she sells a heck of a lot of bags!
  5. There are loads of second-hand handbag stores (usually called 'Milan Staion' or 'Paris Staion' etc etc) in hong kong that sell designer bags at either a higher price if they're REALLY popular and coveted (eg. the Hermes Birkin) or a discounted price if the bag has been previously used. Most of the bags there are authentic though I have heard of PFers saying how some (but very very few) of these stores have sold high-end fakes before.
    LVlady must be selling bbags online for one of the XX Stations :smile:
    Hope this helps (and oh how I miss HK......)