ROUGE VIF availability?

  1. Hi!

    I am so confused but need to bother you!:yes: I really am dying to know if anyone has seen the Rouge VIF (fire engine red) in the city style. Does BalNY have it? If not- which stores have it? I also am considering the Courier in this color- has anyone seen that yet?

    Please let me know my Bbag friends!:smile:
  2. aloha rag and BNY should get the rouge city by next week.
  3. i've only seen the fire engine red in the first & it was gorgeous ;)
  4. All this talk about Rouge Vif and it's gorgeous color and leather is definitely making me want one. If NM can't track down an 05 Rouge Twiggy for me, I am sooo going to get the rouge vif!
  5. PUP- what style do you want?
  6. Thanks esile and aaala!!!! I can't wait to see this bag already!
  7. Pupster -- a PFer just had a great '05 rouge twiggy listed on eBay (and for a great price). I would assume she is going to relist it. Would that work? If so, you should keep an eye out for it!
  8. zacorey--I'm looking for a new 05 Rouge twiggy :love: :love: :love:

    chigirl--Is it in new mint condition(DH is pretty strict about eBay purchases--it has to be New or I have to buy it retail). I'll check eBay today--thanks for the heads up! :biggrin:
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