Rouge Vif at Barneys (Chestnut Hill, MA) - Call NOW!

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  1. Hi all ...

    Was at Barneys (Chestnut Hill, MA) yesterday ... to pick up my Rouge Vif Mini Coin, and saw that they got another Rouge Vif First in.

    If I remember correctly, someone was also looking for a White First; they had that too.

    Mind you ... none of these are on 'sale' (we're getting too used to that as of late, huh?!?!).

    They also had TONS of Ink, Rouille and Toile bags from the Pre-Spring/Spring collections. Have to remark on the absolutely BEAUTIFUL Cornflower Blue Work (smashing) and First - can't believe they are still there.

    From the new Pre-Fall Season - two Greige Work bags and a few of the Truffe (First, Oval - UGGH, and another one which I can't remember because I DO NOT like this color or leather).

    Also of note ... those of you looking for the classic Black ... they still had a few Black (Work, Weekender) bags available.

    Here's the #: (617) 969-5354 (ask for Peter)
  2. It doesn't sound like the weekender was on sale here though was it?
    Has anyone seen a black weekender on sale anywhere other than Joan Shepp?
  3. they also had one in at the Copley, MA Barney's when I was there Sunday if anyone else is looking for that color/style
  4. Too bad it's not a city!
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