Rouge Vif and all confused, please help!!

  1. I am so confused about all the different Balenciaga reds. :push: I, like many of you, loveeeeee rouge theatre, but know its very hard to find. So I'm thinking of getting a rouge vif but am worried that it will be too bright. I know that reds are very hard to photograph but sometimes I see rouge vif and it seems deep but then sometimes I feel its really bright and sometimes looks orangey also (even though I know its blue red).

    If you have seen both RT and Rouge Vif or have both colors please chime in. Pictures would be helpful. I've seen all the other past threads but am still so confused.

    Has anyone heard about the new red for 08? TIA!!!
  2. Hello ;)
    Welcome to tPF
    I used to post these pictures before
    Hope these help
    1.JPG IMG_4153.JPG IMG_4154.JPG IMG_4158.JPG
  3. From left hand side
    Vermillion 2007
    Tomato 2007
    Rouge Vif 2006
    and Rouge Theatre 2005
  4. Hi Andy...thanks for the pics. Could you name the reds in your 2nd and third pics, respectively?

    If RT is the one on the right, I'm so in love...
  5. andy>> seeing your collection of reds always makes me smile!
  6. Yes, the right one dark berry red is Rouge Theatre

    Thank you dear :heart:
    I :smile: & :drool: & :nuts: when I see your BG Pink 08 and LE Magenta
  7. can't wait till when you get your BG pink!! :graucho: maybe then we can see some comparison pictures with your BEAUTIFUL 04 rose?:love:
  8. Goddd ... Do I really need more PINK??


    Koshi13, sorry for off topic
    But FYI those are Rose 04 City, BG Pink 05 Twiggy & Boobie , Magenta 05 Shoulder & Day, in case you consider Pink :heart:
  9. YES!! how can you say no to the 08 bubblegum!! it's absolutely divineeee.. :woohoo: hee hee. do you need more pictures to be convinced?? do you think the two colors are at all similar? :confused1: to me, bubble gum 08 seems like rose but with a more pinkish hue...

    i apologize too for hijacking your thread but pink is the new red. ;) just kidding. sorry!! :flowers:

    rouge vif is actually real gorgeous in real life and is a subdued red, no orange hues at all. it is actually, imo, quite dark!
  10. pluiee ... I think we should move to your thread now:sweatdrop: ..... LOL

    Anyway koshi13, here are more pic.
    When I took RT out
    RV look darken than other
    I love RV, it's my fav color

    But if you really in love with RT, keep checking eB*y.
    Good luck:tup:
    2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 22.JPG
  11. Andy - you have a gorgeous collection of Bal reds.....:drool:
  12. I have both colors and they're both stunning. Although the RV isn't *that* bright, it's certainly a lot brighter than the RT, so if you have your heart set on a dark red, you might be disappointed.

    The RV has zero orange undertones, and it's a bright blue red, I call it kiss-me-red:heart: whereas the RT is a dark blood red.

    The RT isn't *that* hard to find, if you're vigilant enough:yes:

    Here are the pics!



  13. Rouge vif has no orange in it - a very rich red. I don't consider it that bright - I love mine:



    If you can't find RT, RV is very close.