Rouge/Tomato Part-time

  1. does anyone have any idea where I can find one & how much it costs? neither aloharag, diabro nor luisaroma have it! :crybaby:
  2. hmm... try BalNY??? and it depends on what hardware you want... the Giant hardware is $1645 and the Regular/classic hardware is $1295... but I'm not sure if theres tax on top of that... since I dont live anywhere in the states! also try the reference thread section... its got all the prices and measurements... HTH!
  3. hey ali, thanks! i don't live in the US either.. i'm superdupes far away (Singapore). is the only way to contact BalNY through the phone? :wtf: i know there's no way i can get it in the Bal store here 'cos they said they're not even going to be bringing in those colours :crybaby:

    i'm quite skeptical about giving credit card details over the phone :nogood:
  4. Hi guys...I'm also wanting a Red Part Time...Has anyone out there seen one? Help! :nuts: OCD in the worst way!