Rouge Tomate?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    Have you seen rouge tomate IRL? How would you describe it? I'm a fan of very bright and pop colors. I don't understand if it's bright or not. I'm considering a B30.. Do you think bougainvillea or casaque are more "bright"?
    Thank you!!
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  2. Do you have picture of it? I know it comes in clearance and epsom. Do you think that epsom is more vibrant than clearance? Or viceversa?
  3. I saw the swatch the other day at my H store. It looked very bright so I think you will like it if you are looking for a bright pop of color....much bright than RC for sure imo
  4. Thank you! :smile:
  5. Can I ask you, if you saw the swatches of epsom or clemance? Or both?
  6. Of course. :smile: I saw both and they were both pretty bright. They were gorg but too bright for me so I didn't ask which was which (sorry dear). Which leather are you thinking you will want?
  7. It's def a bright color! Red with slight orange undertone! Love it
  8. I just got a K32 in veau evercolor in rough tomate. It's definitely a bright red with slight orange undertone. Love it in pieces! The picture was taken under natural light, so I think color wise, it's representative.
    K32 Rough Tomate.jpg
  9. Bright red. The beautiful kelly above is the perfect illustration.
    It's a very happy color!!
  10. I saw it in an SLG and it looked exactly like this Kelly, bright red with orange undertone.
  11. OMG amazing, congrats!!!!
  12. Hi Brunette, here's a pic of mine. It's definitely a 'pop' colour IMO, red with orange undertones. Mine's in Clemence.
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  13. Epsom. I prefer more structured bag and I'm afraid clemance will slouch over time.. Even if, it takes colors amazingly!
  14. Thank you! :smile:
  15. OMG!! It's stunning! Congrats!! So bright and classic!