Rouge Theatre vs Rouge Vif


keep rouge theatre?

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. what do you guys think... should i keep my rouge theatre city or sell it and get the rouge vif city? i've wanted that old SS 04 red foreverrr...
  2. I say order a Rouge Vif from NM. Wait until it arrives and check out the color - if for any reason you don't like it you can just return it to NM and keep your 2005 Rouge, no harm done. But if you fall in love with it - sell your rouge theatre.
  3. all the NMs near me are terrible about "orders". they never seem to follow through, so i ALWAYS buy from balenciaga in nyc... plus i don't have to pay tax when i go through the boutique, hence a kind of all or nothing situation.
    i'm also weary about doing anything on ebay, but if i'm going to take the plunge, i really can't keep two red bags :doh:
  4. Ooh, I am in the same situation as you are, pink! I was contemplating the same more, esp after hearing how thrilled everyone is about the vif... Would love to see the eventual results of this poll...
  5. Well then I guess purchase from B-NY. Personally i've had fantastic luck with NM, I always seems to get my hands on bags before the "arrive" so i'm happy. I don't like BNY's no return policy, but that's just me.
  6. I have both the '04 True Red and '06 Rouge Vif...too bad I didn't have Rouge Theatre too. But here's a pic of those two together for comparison:

  7. ^ oh drooooooooooollll :love:

    oooops forgot to add, pinkpirate, you should look at the color first, if possible. Take your rouge theatre to see it so you can compare :yes:
  8. omg that is GORGEOUS!!! they look identical!
  9. ^ The '04 True Red is brighter and lighter shade of red than the '06 Rouge Vif. Your monitor may be off if they look the same to you.
  10. Wow, they're soooo close. Dare I say this (as i've had the older reds up on a pedestal) - - but I perfer the Rouge Vif. It seems a fraction more intense, which I love. :heart:
  11. btw - firstclass posted some great photo's comparing her 2003 Red and her 2006 Rouge Vif:
    (hope it's okay that I moved them here!)
  12. so the one on the right is the rouge vif? the color is amazing!
  13. ^^I believe the one with the brass hardware is the Rouge Vif.
  14. oh whoops... you're right. didn't notice that. the true red looks darker and richer (at least on my monitor) than the rouge vif.
  15. ^^I was referring to rocksteadys photos in my comments. :P Her bags are the 2006 Rouge Vif and the 2004 True Red.

    firstclass' bags are the 2006 Rouge Vif and the 2003 Red.

    The 2003 Red and the 2004 True Red are not the same colors:
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season