Rouge Theatre On E-bay Today (saturday)

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  1. OMG $1,900.'ish dollars (without insurance or shipping!) - that's the MOST I'VE EVER SEEN for a Rouge Theatre! I've seen them on eBay lately for MUCH less.

  2. Yeah that is a bit over priced in my opinion...I don't think we're allowed to promote listings here anyway right?
  3. ^^Yes, jeeze that's MUCH more than I paid for my 2001 FIRST EDITION Le Dix Classique!
  4. Hey, i saw that on eBay too and it's authentic but the startin price is too high as i thought for a 05 rouge theatre.....i think the seller anyhow marked up the price as i know she sold one of the 02 pebbled black tote bag for abt USD1800+.......probably she tot she can sell it ard that kinda of's ridiculous.....:smile:
  5. no matter how much i want a bag, i will never be willing to be taken like that... we know people need to make *some* money, but good grief, i hope most buyers have enough common sense to agree on what is a fair mark-up...
  6. Totally not worth that SP! It's like like that Rogue Escape Pod on eBay at the moment for BIN $160!
  7. Although I've been waiting for this one, with that price ... I'd rather buy something else. ( I could buy Two DAY bags actually or one brand new GH and one mini coin purse )
  8. LOL, this is the reason I started the thread about Paying Over Retail for a Used Bbag: this was offered to me at $1800 before the start of the auction and the pictures I received showed the handles in a much different light: where they appeared much darker, as well as a slight scuff on one corner that is no longer being depicted.


    As much as I love RT I really don't want to be gouged for it :supacool:

    WOW: this bag was listed at $1999 IIRC at the start of the auction :wtf:
  9. ^^PLEASE tell me you're JOKING!:wtf:
  10. Sad still n,o RT in my closet :crybaby:
  11. Unreal!

    I also want something in RT, but definitely not for that much, and I want mine brand sparkling new! No darkening handles or scuffed corners.....especially not for nearly $2K!!!!!!
    Honestly, who in the right mind would pay that much?

    I remember seeing another auction of RT City on ebay, and I think the price is still below retail (Sorry, I don't have the link to it:smile:. The seller isn't sure what color it is, she mentioned that it could be RT. Well, from the silver tag on the pic, I think it's RT.

    I personally gave up on RT. The chances of me finding a BNWT RT are very slim, and the new 07 Rouge sounds just as gorgeous.
    I think I'll wait until that comes out. Buying current season bags is so much better in my hasstle of trying to determine the condition, and most importantly, you're the one who gets to break the baby in! Not someone else with sweaty palm!
  12. ^^Darkened handles and wear on the bottom of the bag - but at least it's a real auction.
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