Rouge Theatre 05 vs Rouge VIF 06

  1. Can someone tell me what the difference between the 2 are? I have seen the Rouge VIF irl and think it screams too loudly. But what about the Rouge Theatre 05? Thanks!
  2. Do a search we have a whole long thread on this from the past 2 weeks. :flowers:
  3. The rouge theatre is a bit darker because it has a darker blue undertone to it but the rouge vif has the much nicer leather not so veiny and dry looking and in the daylight it doesn't look too "loud".
  4. Thanks ladies!
  5. I'd be happy for either since I'm on a rouge craving!:yes:
  6. the rouge theatre is indeed darker (like the curtains in a theater), I find it really really classy and Im not a red person at all...on the contrary I wouldnt wear the rouge vif, it screams too much for me (but some ladies here manage to carry it very well... see photos w/ ur Bbags thread)
  7. Olfa, after doing a search of past threads and scrutinizing photos, I agree with you that I like the Rouge Theatre much better. I saw the Rouge VIF IRL, and felt it sort of hurt my eyes (sorry to those ladies who love this colour). But maybe it was particular to that bag; some of the photos our lovely PFers have posted look less dazzling.
  8. Here is my rouge 05 City I received yesterday. I was never a city fan in the past, but I am now! I just love it. :love:
    05 red city.JPG
  9. Becca, congratulations! It is such a lovely colour.
  10. wow, Becca-girl, where the heck did you find that beauty?!?! :love:...i'll be joining the rouge '05 club soon with Amour's work :tender:
  11. Ebay; from couturestyles. I did a BIN. It is so lovely; I can't believe I have neglected this color in a b-bag for so long.
  12. Congrats, Becca!! I'm so glad that transaction worked out and that your bag is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. here are the two colors side by side

    bottom: becca's 05 from a few posts up
    top: my rouge vif 06
    05 red city.JPG vif1.JPG