Rouge Theatre 05 Hobo/Day

  1. Glimmer, me too! I bought a city and a twiggy, but the more I see a Day/Hobo, I want one.
  2. I've been watching this auction too. I just wish I could see a rouge VIF IRL first.
  3. I have a rouge theatre Day/Hobo and I love the color and the style! Someone should get this bag!
  4. this is definately rouge from '05
  5. Ugh, I can't stand to look at this bag it's so beautiful. Makes me do the Homer Simpson finger dance.
  6. :yes: this bag it to-die-for :heart:
  7. Meant to set auction sniper on this one and forgot all about it!!!:sad: Someone got an amazing deal.:yes:
  8. $685??!! :wtf: That IS an amazing deal!! :nuts:
  9. amazing deal...

    :heart: did a PFer get it?
  10. Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to whoever got it!
  11. sold for a great deal!!! wow...
  12. Congrats to whoever got that!!!

    Okay, the closeup pic with the two tags sitting on my mind, THAT is a true representation of the 05 Rouge. Is that right?? In that case...... I NEED this color! I think I like it better than Rouge Vif.