Rouge Red City 05!(?)

  1. Wow, really pretty. It is a city and it also looks authentic to me.
  2. Hi i also live in Stockholm but i am from spain, small world! yes it is the city and i am sure it's authentic, very pretty.
  3. It looks beautiful.
  4. Wow! '05 Rouge Theatre like a succulent wild strawberry color. :salivating:
  5. It looks good to me to - very pretty City and the price is fair for a discontinued color!
  6. Wow, the color is SO close to Rouge Vif, I can't even tell the difference. :heart: red Citys!!!!!!!
  7. i think it's just the lighting, but that bag looks gorg there... i'm still a little sad i parted with mine. the color is alot deeper and rosier
  8. ^^Wow, that was F-A-S-T, weren't you thinking of selling it just last week?
  9. Pretty bag, although the leather looks MUCH more distressed/shiny/veiny than the f/w '06 Rouge Vif bags!!!!
    I know some prefer that finish though, so i'm sure this is someone's dream bag!
  10. i love this bag! it is alot darker than the vif, and i think the shiny/veiny is not all too bad and actually suits this colour quite well. im not completely sold on the rouge vif yet as it is too bright for my liking.
  11. Wow, the color is gorgeous!
  12. Actually, the '05 Rouge Theatre has a more blue undertone than the Rouge Vif (which I consider to be a 'true' red). While the lighting wasn't the greatest, here's a picture of my two red babies:
  13. Thanks, CeeJay! Do you prefer one over the other?
  14. I've heard that the '05 Rouge theatre is more blue too.