Rouge Red 05 First

  1. I haven't seen any posts about this color so I thought I share a few photos :P Rouge red is a gorgeous deep red color. In my opinion it's much darker than the color sample on atelier.naff but still absolutely stunning. However, I'm more of a fan of the brighter colors so I'm very excited for the Fall 06 fire engine red! Even though I'm disappointed that I can't keep her...she photographs extremely well! hehehe But to offset my disappointment...I'm soooooo excited for my orange AND indigo!!!! The orange will be here before 7:00PM on Wednesday. That's only 45 hours!!! hahahaha :heart: And when those me there will be TONS of photos!!!
    Img_5809.jpg Img_5814.jpg
  2. wooohooo jdy! its gonna be worth it though for that orange and indigo!
  3. wow, u must be so excited for ur new b-bags.. enjoy...
  4. ooh! they're like valentine colours! :love::heart:
  5. ^^Lol! I agree! That group shot looks so lovely! It's a shame the rouge won't be staying. But I can't wait to see your orange and indigo! When's the indigo one coming??
  6. I'm also going for the fall engine red/rouge Vif!! I hope the colour will be like the ateliernaff sample :heart: