Rouge Piment -- Anyone seen this colour yet?

  1. I've only seen the swatch of Rouge Piment and it was on a new skin called Veau Sikkim, which is very smooth and Swift-like. I liked the colour a lot, but haven't seen a bag or wallet in it.

    Has anyone seen it yet (not including the swatch)? Any pics out there? Anyone know what skins it will come in?

  2. OH, this sounds exciting! Can you describe what kind of red it was jasperella (just to give us a taste):nuts:
  3. I'm guessing green. Piment=pimento?:p
    Maybe I should lay off the drinking.....
  4. Our guru lilac talked about it a few weeks back & did flash the colour of the swatch at that time.
  5. good memory MrsS!^^
  6. I think Piment means "chilli pepper" in French (someone please tell me if this is not correct!). The swatch I saw was definitely a chili-pepper red and was blue-toned. It was bright and lovely. If anyone knows the lipstick by MAC called Russian Red, it reminded me of that.

    And I'm also wondering where Veau Sikkim is going to turn up. It's soft and smooth like swift. I would like to see a bag in it to see how much it slouches.
  7. Sounds like a wonderful color! Can't wait to see it IRL.
  8. EK - isn't pimento the red bit in the middle of a stuffed green olive?????

    Maybe you should lay off the drinking ;) :p
  9. Oh so it should be almost orangey bright?
  10. Well I haven't seen it - but it does sound like that and Jasperella says "chilli-pepper" red and she has seen the swatch.

    Piment or Pimento is what's left of a red pepper after you char it and take the skin off KWIM?
  11. NO, it's blue-toned red. No orange at all.

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.
  12. I picked this up about a month ago and I believe it is the rouge piment. Have not seen this color in a bag yet but it is a great color - very red! very nice! (Photo taken with a flash)
    carmen key rouge piment.JPG
  13. ^^ I am not sure about this ... but this carmen key ring looks like rouge garance on my computer screen.
  14. ^^ dont know about your carmen, AAB, but your avatar followed by Mrss avatar is sending me to KP heaven!!!
  15. Hmmm... will take a good look at it tomorrow using natural light and compare against my rouge g lindy. Do remember color had the word "pimiento" on it that's why it stuck. Gee... I hope it is not rouge garrance because I would not have bought it. Just checked my receipt and no color was mentioned. Will update later...