Rouge Paddy or Rouge Edith???


Rouge Paddington or Rouge Edith?

  1. Rouge PADDY

  2. Rouge EDITH

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  1. Ugh. I bought a rouge Paddington from the AR sale :yahoo:which is still unused (I can't officially take it out and use it until the earliest a week or two before my Oct. anniversary so I can tell my dh THEN that he already got me a gift...y'all know how it is). I absolutely love it, but then I went hogwild with the NM sales and bought some Ediths (out of curiousity, mostly), a Paddy cosmetic case and a Patsy. Kept the Paddy pouch and Patsy tote and returned a whiskey, blanc and black Edith b/c they were too stiff and structured.

    BUT! When I received my final NM shipment - a red Edith satchel - I wasn't expecting much and figured I'd have to return this one at NM, too. LO AND BEHOLD... this red Edith is just gorgeous!!! :wtf: I cannot let her go. Everything Lordguinny said about Ediths is true: they are all different and the leather CAN be smooshy, pebbly and soft, just like my Paddies. And so is the case with this red Edith!!! :drool:

    So I really cannot justify having two red Chloes in my possession, as much as I want them both! Help me choose...
    2007_06082007May0014.JPG 2007_06082007May0015.JPG 2007_06082007May0016.JPG 2007_06082007May0017.JPG tpf 4.JPG
  2. I am going to go with the Edith: I think the classic styling makes it more versatile. Especially since you have three other 'paddy style' bags.

    But both are gorgeous!! Congrats.
  3. I saw keep them both!!!!:graucho: But since you don't want two red bags, I'd say go with the Edith. I really like it in the red!!! I just returned my Edith in Ecuriel, because I wasn't crazy about it. But I have to say your red edith is a beauty!!!!! Love all your bags!!!!
  4. Thats a hard choice even though they're both red bags, because the style is so different you can get use out of both depending on what you wear. I vote keep both:yes:. Sorry, I know I'm no help:shrugs:
  5. Agree with HM - you already have paddy style bags and the edith really looks good in that colour.
  6. I love the Chloe Paddington so my answer would be heavily and completely biased. But if you prefer the Edith then go for that. The Edith is really nice - I love red bags!
  7. First and foremost, congrats on finding two gorgeous red Chloes! Your paddington & Edith are very very pretty. Looking at your current collection I would choose to keep the Edith. I'm partial to Ediths but only if the leather is right! And the leather on yours is right!

    For longevity I'd go with the Edith. It has a more classic look.
  8. both!!![​IMG]
  9. Thanks for the feedback! :idea:

    hmwe46, bellacherie and lorguinny - you are true voices of reason! ;)Edith is the winner because it is indeed versatile, classic and it adds variety to my collection. And the Edith does make my heart flutter just a wee bit more than the Paddington does, but I'm not sure if that's just a "recency" effect. if i had received them both at the same time, i'd be in the hospital right now recovering (optimistically) from a major coronary attack...

    pamella72, ali w, una and hermes junkie - you speak to my inner child! i so very much want to keep both, darnit! i have searched high and low for a perfect red bag because i do :heart: adore :heart:the color so very much. so it will be pure torture parting with either one. :crybaby: wahhh!
  10. Two totally different leathers.... two totally different reds. I'd keep both. LOL. :smile:
  11. I am sorry but I just love the Paddington in the Rouge - it is TDF. If you can't keep both I would have to keep the Paddington:heart:
  12. It would have to be the Paddy for me - I just :heart: it!

    But you have a few paddy's already so I can see that the Edith would be the sensible choice ;)
  13. Both both!! But if not I'd say keep the Edith, I think it adds more to your gorgeous Chloe collection.
  14. :graucho: I would keep them both...
    But if I had to choose, I'd keep the red Edith.
  15. Both, but if you have to choose -- Edith. The Paddy is beautiful, but that lock is heavy. Edith has a timeless appeal, one of the few handbags my husband has complemented me on.......interesting, the bags he compliments are Chloe's....hmmmm