Rouge Paddy:Anyone seen it, there is 1 on e-bay

  1. Hey girls, I wonderd if anyone had seen the new F/W rouge? Roz on e-bay has one for sale from the U.K., but her pictures make it look a little like a tomato shade of red. I was hoping for more of a cranberry, something close to grenat. Will there be anything like that this year?? Sorry I do not have Roz's link posted here to refer to, but it was just listed today. By the I once again on the prowl? Well sure, I always am! Did I decide on whiskey or mousse? NOPE! I still have them both. Today was the deadline to send back mousse to Barneys and I didn't do it, so perhaps they are both safe in my home for now.
  2. Audrey, I know we both love the old grenat. Will there a be a bag like that for us this winter? Is castor what I am thinking of? I want it to be more of a cranberry/wine color. OOOH, and I saw my very 1st Chloe, other than my own, tonight at Target. It was the gal checking out ahead of me, and she had a whiskey Betty. Chloe is alive in the midwest! Yeah!
  3. Hi Triplets, there seems to be two versions of red out this fall, one a little washed out, tomato like (which elongreach and I saw in stores) and the other a real bright red, almost lipstick red color. Someone here, I forget who, bought the bright red one. Hopefully they will see your post and respond.
  4. You're so right! Grenat is a gorgeous color! :heart: I hope they bring it back!!!

    You may be thinking of castor but I haven't seen that color in person either.


    It looks a little like... brownish red on LVR but we all know their pics aren't 100% accurate. Has anyone seen this color Irl?
  5. Mmm, I have one - sort of.

    DH has it locked in some double super secret location that is reportedly surrounded by boobytraps. :wtf:

    After much hysteria he let me peek at about a 2x2 inch corner and then snatched it away!!! :shocked:

    It was a deep Ferrari red (oh that I had the matching Ferrari!!).

  6. Ahaha you and me both! :lol: If I were you I'd be going crazy in the middle of the night trying to sneak past all his boobytraps and get to the bag! :roflmfao:
  7. Found this pic on an old ebay listing link. The rouge I saw at Nordies was exactly like the one pictured here. It's a beautiful matted red but not shocking red as some pics make it look. Makes me want one too! :love:
  8. I love the color!! Thinking about getting this bag now... ack but there's Bal's Rouge vif too... wah!! :shame:
  9. Audrey, I was thinking the exact same thing! B's Rouge vif is TDF as well. They're both TDF reds!! ahhhhh :drool: I only I have 1 other red bag (LV epi pochette). I would :heart: to get one of these!
  10. Nice pic abbYY!

    I would say that is pretty true to real life color. Given the 2" square I saw anyway.

    To be honest, I really have no where to PUT it now!! LOL
    I need to find sleeping places for all my paddys. They are hanging out on my dressers
    in their dust bags right now. I keep them fully stuffed with tissue when not in rotation
    to retain their shapes (hey, the care card said to do it! hee) so they take up a fair
    amount of room!!!

    But I do love this red :heart:

    I have this amazing white with black spots three quarter length coat that is just crying
    for the rouge paddy!! :love:
  11. ^ I'm exactly like you - staying with people right now and my new bags don't have a permanent place. :sad: They are just hanging out in dustbags inside the shopping bags I bought them in. :lol: I always restuff my bags when they aren't in use too. :yes: