Rouge or Mastic?

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  1. I want to buy a paddy from LVR since they have great sale..
    it would be around $1,015 with shipping and custom..

    do u guys know any other place that have cheaper price?:P
    and which one is better?rouge or mastic?
    I havent had red either white bag..

    I was thinking about mastic, but Im afraid it would get dirty easily..
    I like rough too, but Im afraid it's kinda hard to match with some colors of clothes..
  2. I love rouge.
    It's such a bright pop of color, especially if you wear a lot of neutrals.
    I have a grenat paddy that I wear whenever I'm wearing a neutral browns, blacks or grays.

    I think that red goes with anything and a red bag is the perfect accessory to add a bit of punch to any outfit :smile:
  3. I love red!! Get the rouge, it'll brighten up your day easily with a splash of red and perfect for this holiday.
  4. sorry, off topic a bit : sratsey, can you please post a pic of your grenat paddy?
    I am so dying to see one:drool::drool::drool:
  5. :yes:


  6. :heart: I love love the rouge!
  7. Rouge!!!!! I was at a dance convention awhile back (it was 3 days long) and I saw another girl with a red Paddy. All 3 days her outfits looked amazing with the red paddy. I could not stop staring! So eye-catching!
  8. Aaahhh! You have both of my dream paddy colors! :nuts: Bleu nuit is at the top of my list. They are both beautiful, thank you for sharing ;)

    Edited to add: OP, go with rouge!

  9. Rouge!!! It will be so gorgeous and you'll have jaws dropping eveywhere you take her. Both colours are stunning but I just think Rouge has that WOW factor:yes: Let us know what you decide.

    (Those prices are too good to resist aren't they!?:drool:)
  10. Oh, and also bit off topic but... Stratsey you have amazing taste! I envy you like crazy right now:P
  11. Rouge a great pop of color!
  12. i vote for rouge as well! :yes:
  13. Then I will be the first to vote for mastic? :blush:
  14. I'd personally go for rouge - it's a gorgeous colour!:heart:
    I guess it depends on which would work best with your wardrobe, too.:yes:
  15. Rouge is gorgeous but I recently just saw mastic @ bloomies in roosevelt field mall & it's sO:huh:o pretty! I think it depends on what look you're going for. If you want a discrete & classy look, go for mastic. If you wanna get noticed, get rouge.