Rouge Noir or ink patent


Feb 25, 2009
I have both; they are quite different types of patent.

The RN is wrinked (and is prone to peeling, as has happened with mine). It's a dull type of patent, it's not high gloss like the ink. The colour of the navy is divine, but it is prone to fingerprints more than the RN. I wish Mulberry had an ink patent wrinkled bag that didn't peel!

Both can change colour with the light. In the sunlight, the RN can look anything from a purple to a deep royal purple to almost black. The Navy can also look quite black when not in direct light.

As far as wardrobe goes, my RN probably goes with more but I prefer to use my ink because the colour is divine.

Having owned both, I'd definitely choose the ink, primarily because of the peeling issues on the RN. If you do decide to go with the RN, I'd definitely make sure you've seen it in person before hand so that you can look it over very carefully to check for peeling.

Here are some photos of my two bags.

Ink Bays


Rouge Noir Bays