Rouge H

  1. Sorry if I REPEAT MYSELF...
    Can somebody tell me if this is a MATTE ROUGE H or A RED GARRANCE?
    please help...this bag is listed is ref 8264... in CDL.
  2. Here is a bigger pic...

    Maybe the mods can move this to the main forum where some of the croc experts can help.

  3. Take a look at the croc pictures reference thread and maybe that would help.
  4. It is rouge H.

  5. yes...yes :yes:...I do know now ...because she is in my closet.......:yahoo:
    thank you any way...
  6. You bought it? Gorgoeus bag, enjoy!
  7. Angel! congratulations! more pics of this beauty please!!!
  8. WOW!!!
  9. Ithink,it's MATTE ROUGE H ,so beautiful!!
    Rouge GARRANCE is brighter red.
  10. Congrats. I LOVE rouge H matte. Great bag.
  11. I would kill for that bag.