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Rouge H or Vert Anis......


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
........for Fringy-Key thingy........?

My SA called to let me know she's got both colors in along with my cream Les Toits de Paris scarf and I have to go pick them up tomorrow.....

well? Rouge H or Vert Anis??????

What would YOU do? :shrugs:

.....tell ya the truth, I might not get it at all.....not quite sure I want a fringy key holder but I need to see it first.


Mar 25, 2006
Tough choice, shopmom. You just gotta see them both! For a rainbow colour objective > vert anis. Very eye catching.

I find that with for something as small as the carmencita book mark, the ends all spread out with some use. For something as large as the carmen, I suspect if you do not store it properly inside your bag, the ends can be folded, squashed, spread out like a peacock's feathers ....:shrugs: