Rouge H - need a little visual assistance

  1. I would say the pic of the whole bag is pretty accurate - however it would depend on what the leather is as well! My bag (in my pic) is in chevre and I would call it burgundy...
  2. The close-up of the lock plate looks the closest to me. :smile:
  3. The leather looks like box to me (but what do I know....), I am still inquiring.
    Tough one....
  4. Forgot to say how pretty this bag is!
  5. GT et al,

    Do you think it's a good deal? Looks like one to me, provided it's legit.
  6. Since I have a R.H box bag, I would say that the closest pics are the top too and the second on the right....That HAC is gorgeous by the way...HTH
  7. I think it's a fair price...
  8. If it's box, I would say top right. I'm just posting a pix of Rouge H in clemence in the "craftsman mark" thread for comparison, but I think it's more red in clemence.

    Beautiful HAC!
  9. second this :flowers:
  10. Gorgeous HAC!!!
  11. Hello, go for this one!:yes:
  12. Thanks ladies!

    I will go for this one, if I am lucky (knock on wood), nobody knows what HAC is.... and I would get it for the starting price (one can always hope...).
    My 41st birthday is soon and as my 40th was rather quiet, I would love to give myself a present for both!
    Can you believe that I have never seen a Birkin (nor a Kelly) in this city? And I live in an affluent neighbourhood. I would be so proud to carry it, heck, I would even walk my dog with it!
  13. it's a gorgeous bag!! get it!!
  14. Yummy, yummy, yummy!
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