Rouge H. Is it a good everyday color???

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  1. So, I am interested in getting a Rouge H Birkin in Togo. However, I am a little nervous that the color may be too flashy. I typically wear browns and blacks. Now having said that, I do own a silver Balenciaga box and it's pretty darn bright. I work in politics in Washington, DC, so I am a little nervous it may stand out a little too much. But I just love the color and Togo is perfect for everyday. How do folks feel about Rouge H as an "every day" color?
  2. I adore Rouge H and think it is a lovely color for daily wear--it's a good mix of color and yet will function as a neutral as it's more of a burgundy red than a true red. I've attached pix of Rouge H in Chevre compared with a Rouge Garance Epsom wallet so you can see how subtle and conservative the color is compared to Rouge Garance--which IRL is nowhere near as bright of a true red as Vermillion in itself. Threw in a photo of the Rouge H in Clemence for good measure so you can see it worn with grey and denim. It adds just the right touch of color but is still conservative IMO! I think it's an excellent choice! HTH!
    CIMG0875.jpg CIMG1631.jpg
  3. Rouge H is the best color. It goes with everything and is very classy. You would never be sorry.
  4. Orchids, :heart: :heart::heart: the Rouge H Chevre!! I can see how you could wear that every day. Did you send one of your chevres to the spa? Was there corner wear or scratches and how did it turn out? I have a 35 black chevre with tiny corner wear and was going to take it in for a quickie. (sorry for the digression, ozzymom)
  5. Thanks Mizzle! I did indeed take the 30cm in to the spa as there was some light corner wear and a very tiny nick on the flap from when I chucked my keys into the bag; came back looking great!
  6. Mmmmm, rouge H is a gorgeous, gorgeous neutral. And so, well....Hermes, of course! It seems a bit darker in chevre to me. What would the scale of brightness be in rouge H amongst the different leathers?
  7. Here's a little more Rouge H, OzzysMom......I love this color as it goes with EVERYTHING!!!!

    One is my Ulysses agenda cover and the other is my Reouge H Box Bern....
    Ulysses1.jpg BernAno1.jpg
  8. From darkest to brightest from what I've seen IRL:

    Vache Liagee (Rouge H is very very dark in VL)
    Box (I'm guessing here based on pictures-shopmom, you may have to put Box in its right place as I haven't seen it IRL)
    Clemence (really pops in Clemence)
  9. Rouge H in box is gorgeous. It goes with a lot of colors!
  10. Thanks, orchids - v. helpful! Does Rouge H come in fjord?
  11. This is a great post, it's so useful to see the different shades of rouge H across the leather range. Sorry to butt in on this thread but could someone please tell me which Rough H leather looks the 'brownest' rather than red/burgundy - the more 'dark tan' than dark red if you know what I mean, is it rouge H in box leather?
  12. I totally and completely feel this color will be exactly what you are looking for. Although it may be a red, I do feel that it is an amazing neutral. I really don't see how you will have any regrets! Once you have that bag in your hands you will see what I mean.

    After our amazing could one ever doubt purchasing rouge H!?
  13. My avatar is rouge H in clemence
  14. I love rouge H in togo! Would grab it if I saw one in the mothership.
  15. Oh wow, thanks Orchids. Your pics are most helpful!