Rouge H Clemence vs. Rouge Garance Clemence

  1. Does anyone have both of these leathers so that I can see a side-by-side picture??? Thanks!
  2. Or can anyone who knows both of these leathers well comment on the color difference? TIA!
  3. Hi, I'm sure someone has photos.
    Rouge H in clemence is sort of a muted, dark-ish red. Does not scream "red" by any means. Has some brownish undertones.
    Rouge garance in clemence is definitely a real red, but it is not a bright red (like rouge vif or vermillion). Very wearable.
    The two colors are very different in clemence, IMO.
  4. Rouge H Clemence is a deep red. Burgundy like. This is my "royal" red.

    Rouge Garance Clemence is a true bright red. This is my "princess" red.
  5. OK, in light of mrssparkles calling garance a bright red (right when I said it wasn't!!) I will qualify it as yes, a bright red but not as bright as vif or that I have managed to confuse the issue...:smile:
  6. I have this pic from creature deluxe's site. It is in matte croc but still is a pretty good reference, hope that it helps.:p
  7. ^^ Here you go ....

    Left - Rouge H
    Right - Rouge G
    Rouge H vs Rouge G.jpg
  8. Good pics! I am partial to rouge garrance...I think... : )
  9. Here is Rouge H in Clemence next to Rouge Garance in Togo (which is pretty close to its shade in Clemence--in Clemence RG is probably a hair brighter):

  10. I think my last post is the other way around, I think the rouge H is the darker one but the pic is mixed up, sorry!
  11. LOL, Pepper.

    I don't own anything in Rouge Vif nor Vermillion, so it's hard to describe these 2 colours. That said I have come close with Rouge Vif and I think it's got a lot of pink undertones.

    Vermillion - it's a red siren kind of red .... I don't know if there is any undertones

    Will need orchids, gracekelly, HG etc to comment ....
  12. I prefer rouge garrance too. It's my favourite red!

    That said, I only like Rouge H in Box.
  13. Orange. :smile:
  14. Thanks, Queenie. Yes, you have a Kelly in Vermillion. :tup:
  15. lol, i think of rouge h as an "intellectual" red, and rouge garance as a "happy" red, and these imposed ideas do not, i repeat not reflect at all on the wearer (meaning rouge h doesn't make me smarter, lol). but rouge h is not at all simple or straight forward. you see that it's red, but there is something else going on. garance is red. if you had to think "red" that would be it, straightforward and just what it is.