Rouge H Cabana

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  1. Hi just purchased this and absolutely love it. It was listed as Buffle skipper, which I take to be buffalo ? It looks like togo to me, what do you think ?

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  2. All the buffalo skipper I have ever seen had such a pronounced grain with the top being darker than the bottom. This looks quite mono colour so doesn't look like skipper to me. Buffalo is also quite heavy with a wide grain.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Thank you.
  4. Here is Togo from 2009 (M stamp)


    Can you ask a knowledgable SA. Leather can look so different IRL.
  5. Thanks, yes next time I head to Hermes I will take it with me. It is definitely not buffalo skipper as I have had a look at quite a lot of that online and it does have a pronounced 2 colour affect which this definitely does not have. Thinking it is either togo or clemence. The leather on the side of the bag is slightly larger grain, but still not 2 tone.
  6. Just adding a couple more pics in the hope that someone can id the leather :smile:

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  7. if i recall correctly i believe buffalo are much denser and therefore should weigh a lot more than say togo
  8. Buffalo skipper is only two-toned if it's Dalmatian dyed (dyed twice). This COULD be buffalo skipper, which I believe to be actually water buffalo (not at all certain). It actually looks more like straight-up buffalo (bison) to me, as I have non-H items in bison, but I don't know that H used this for bags. The grain seems a little different from Clemence and larger than Togo - but leathers vary wildly. Bababebi would probably know......
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