Rouge H box birkin 25cm

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  1. When I visited a trusted reseller yesterday, a 25cm rouge h box birkin with gold h/w was quietly sitting there. It has a tiny 1 cm scratch at the bottom of the bag, so it was on sale at approx. USD6,500. IMO, a great price for a new/unused bag with J stamp.

    I wish for a birkin that's softer and more casual in 30cm and silver h/w , so I moved away from the little beauty.

    Should I buy or wait? I do want a box 28cm kelly + a 30cm togo/clemence birkin, but I can't get the 25cm out of my mind.

    Any advice?
  2. The style, leather, colour and hardware are to die for, but the size might be an issue especially in box...

    I think you did the right thing by moving away...
  3. Sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning. If you still can't get it out of your head, it may be worth looking at again. Rouge H, IMO, is most stunning in box. It's just the size that concerns me.
  4. I agree. It's definitely the size which conerns me. I am 5"5 and I think 30cm is my size. mmmmmmmm.........still thinking about it. I do love box and rouge h. Such an unforgettable combination.
  5. I agree with HG on this one. Rouge H in Box calf is gorgeous, I admit. And with gold hardware that combination is hard to beat. But a 25cm Birkin is small and that's the only thing that would stop me dead in my tracks.

    I think for you at 5'5" a 30cm is the perfect size. Wait it out......maybe your 28cm Kelly is the one that should be Rouge H Box? And then perhaps your Birkin is something like Black Clemence with Palladium or Ebene Togo with Ruthenium......(just a few alternatives to think about) :graucho:
  6. I say buy it you can NEVER have to many Hermes bags!
  7. Well some bags are placed in our path for a reason this is your bag the size makes the bag even more special I own this size and it has a certain art piece quality that I think means some thing when we think of how rear birkins are this according to my SA is extremely rear and should be considered an art piece Get IT! and on sale!!!!
  8. I had the pleasure of seeing a 25 Birkin and was soooo impressed. The reason is.....the bag is so small, you CAN leave it unbelted and it opens really wide with the easiest access you've ever seen. Much better, in my opinion, than on the Birkin 30.

    Being a Birkin, it's deeper, of course, than the Kelly style in the 25 and thus, you can get lots of your things inside. I could fit everything in the 25 Birkin that I can get into my 30.

    My thought would be to play with this bag a bit....put your possessions inside, wear it around. It might want to come home with you;)
  9. I agree with Isus...I would need to play with that bag a little to decide. I love the combo, but my first thought is a 30. So, go back and spend some time with it before you make a decision in your mind.
  10. Because you are 5'5" tall, I would say that the 25cm Birkin would most likely be out of proportion for you. Even if you could fit all of your stuff in it, it would most likely "look" too small. Unless, of course, you just wanted it as an evening-type bag.

    My PO this time around is very similar to the bag you just described (I am 4'10" tall, BTW). I would kill for that mini Birkin! LOL!!
  11. Ninjia Sue, I wish you were in tokyo. You could just buy the bag while I take it off my mind. I do think it's too little small for a day bag, but I will go back to the store tomorrow once again to see if it speaks to me.

    I was told that it is a rare item. Apparently, Asian ladies prefer birkins in a brighter shade of red, so rouge h are normally not in demand. Hence, almost no replicas in rouge h from china. Hurrah........I hate to see cheap knock-off of my dream bag or any other bag for that matter.
  12. I agree that a 25 cm maybe a bit small.

    Other than color, I think the special price is due to the size and also the leather.

    I peruse Japanese reseller/second hand sites often, and the leathers that have always the lowest prices are box (and then followed by epsom).

    Togo always seem to be priced much higher..
  13. ^^Interesting. My town goes for clemence and togo, too. Box is popular with the French or so someone posted on here. Box, to me, is like escargot. A bit of an acquired taste and not for the faint-hearted, but adored by those who have developed a taste for it.
  14. Yes, tokyo girl. I have also noticed that box is much more reasonable in Japan. Lucky favourites are box (very elegant) and clemence (casual and oh so soft...).

    I would love to hear your opinion re: reliable tokyo resellers. Since I am new to the city, I am dying to know if replica is a big problem in Japan. Also, do you know why Japanese prefer a brighter shade of red than rouge h.
  15. to licencetook: GO for it, I'm still kicking my self, for losing out on a rouge box birkin..... it's beautiful... i do understand your concerns about being too small...