Rouge H Baby!

  1. Here she long-awaited 35cm Rouge H Clemence Trim. Thanks to everyone here for their helpful input. It looked a little plain to me at first so I gussied her up with the Elephant cadena and am in love! I'm really loving this bag and may have to go for the Chocolate as well!!! :love:
  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Very lovely especially with the cadena. Congratulations!
  3. Beautiful Orchids! As you already know, rouge h is such a versatile color and goes with so much with just a 'pop' of color! Enjoy - I love the trim bag as a shoulder one, although I tend to not use shoulder bags any longer myself...
  4. yummy!!! congrats orchids!! I LOVE ROUGE H!!!!
  5. YAY! This is the big sister to my 31cm in Rouge H Togo! You will LOVE this bag. It's so easy to carry and a nice break from the Birkin once in awhile. :smile:
  6. So gorgeous!!!! :love:
  7. I love it! Congrats!!! She is beautiful
  8. It is beautiful and the cadena makes it so fun!

  9. Congratulations, orchids!

    Rouge H is so classy ... as always.
  10. wowwww.... she's beautiful! congrats!!
  11. It's GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  12. Congratulations! It is just gorgeous!
  13. OH! I LOVE her!!! Wear her well, she is a CLASSIC!!!!!:love:
  14. Congratulations, orchids! Such a classic.
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!! beautiful color and gorgeous bag!!! SOOO timeless!!! Enjoy her!! Post some modeling pics, pls!!!!