rouge garance

  1. my salesperson found a rouge garance 30cm clemence PHW and I traded in the rouge garance epsom PHW 32cmHAC.................i am feeling regret. what to do. thought the epsom was stiff and a bit hard to hold with the shorter handles.............but the bag was so beautiful..............the 30 is cute but the 32 was beautiful:confused1:
  2. oh oh, you think you could still retrade? when did it happen?
  3. Please don't feel regretful for your trade-in. The consolation is ... both bags are in Rouge Garance, and it's the best red (yet) IMO.

    Both the 32cm HAC and 30cm birkin are different in their looks. Maybe you can 'plan' for a 32cm HAC some time in the future in a different colour, different leather, different hardware? :yes:

  4. just late this afternoon. the epsom was so stiff and the bag seemed huge and "hard" but the 30 seems so teeny. It may still be available in the morning. my friend said that I should keep the 30cm because if decide against the 32 down the road it will be harder to sell than the 30cm .................
  5. Oh...if you're not in love with the 30cm is it ok to return it and wait for the bag you really want?

  6. i want a soft 32cm rouge garance............
  7. Did you ask your SA how long something like that might take?

  8. no--i was in such shock that she dug that out.....and i felt guilty.............if i call tomorrow to see if the other is still there is she going to think i am NUTS? does anyone else do this? please somebody say yes
  9. If this is the case, then neither of the bags are winners for you .... don't settle and wait for the next one to come along ...
  10. Yes...I agree and what if you can't sell the 30cm for the right price? Just wait for the one that "sings" to you.
  11. so seriously-- if i rush in at 10 tomorrow to trade back the 30 for the 32 will they think i am INSANE. Or has this all been doen before?
  12. Hi

    I have not seen any 32 HACs in soft leather, so far only in Box, Chevre, Epsom.. which are "stiff(er)" leathers that would allow the bag to "hold" its shape better (being taller).

    Can't recall your previous posts but do you have a kelly? perhaps a 32 cm retourne kelly in togo or clemence might be a consideration?
  13. i have a 28cm soft goal was a bigger bag but not huge. the 35 is too big for me. i am 5 5 and quite small frame wise. it looks like a suitcase on me
  14. ^ I Would Pass On Both! Find The Rouge Garance In The Leather & Size You Truly Love!!!;)
  15. so seriously-- if i rush in at 10 tomorrow to trade back the 30 for the 32 or just to return the 30 will they think i am INSANE. Or has this all been done before?