Rouge Garance vs. Rouge H

  1. Is there a huge difference in these two colors and does it depend on your skin tone which looks better? I like them both in clemence with PH. Bolide & Birkin!
  2. Rouge H (depending on leather) is very winey burgundy and Rouge Garrance is a louder candy red. I actually think both of these tones work for my skintone - yet Vermillion (the orange red) makes my skin look very bad. My feeling is that Rouge Garrance, Rouge H and Rouge Vif are all cool toned reds, based on what I've seen at the boutique. Between Rouge H and Rouge Garrance I would say that Rouge H is the subtlest and would be easier to wear as a neutral.
  3. brunettetiger - Here is a pic of Rouge H clemence Birkin, Rouge Garrance epsom Tri-Fold Bearn, and a Vermillion togo Trim.


    I would describe them as follows: Rouge H is a great neutral red - with undertones of marroon/burgundy; Garrance always reminds me of red on a barn in New England and Vermillion is like a bright clear cherry red popsicle you enjoy on a hot summer day! I have only seen Rouge Vif once, and to me, it was like a classic lipstick red. Hope this helps!

  4. The red bags in my avatar are as follows:

    Kelly-rouge vif courchevel
    Bolide- rouge H chamonix
    Drag- vermillion chevre

    I think the biggest difference is rouge H from the other reds. It is probably the most universal color of all.
  5. The Rouge H looks different depending on the leather chosen. These are two birkins both in Rouge H.

    The brighter red is clemence, the darker red is togo.

    They usually appear much darker irl. The rouge H togo usually appears brown with reddish overtones [picture of handle] unless in full light. The clemence doesn't look brown until in a dimly lighted room.

    Perhaps age has something to do with it also. The dark togo is 2003 and the redder clemence is 2007.

    The Rouge Garance color [not pictured here] is brighter red like lipstick I think. I guess leather type would also affect the color irl. These reds photograph lighter than they appear. My digital camera only comes close when on foliage setting.

    PS - When I got my new rouge H I was rather shocked at the color. PERHAPS I NEED SOME EXPERT VERIFICATION THAT THE BRIGHTER RED IS IN FACT ROUGE H. Both purses bought from impeccable resellers, authenticity not an issue, just the color of the newer.
    rouge H togo vs clemence 036_1_1.jpg rouge H togo vs clemence 035_1_1.jpg rouge H togo vs clemence 029_1_1.jpg rouge H togo vs clemence 012_1_1.jpg
  6. ^^Looks like Rouge H to me, is my clemence bolide (which I love) in Rouge H.


    I see our queen of Rouge H is here, too, so I am sure you will get more information soon..(Hi AAB!!!)
  7. thank you ladies so much for the comparisons. They are both gorgeous - oh how do I decide...I guess whenever i am lucky enough to get one I will love either!:tup:
  8. So many beautiful reds!! My favourite colour :p
  9. CobaltBlu - I love your rouge H clemence bolide. Ut oh, I'm supposed to be taking a time out.
  10. I will be receiving my Rouge H Clemence 30cm Birkin tomorrow. Your pics just made my heart skip a beat. I wonder if my little beauty is the brighter red as in your pics.....

    A few question for all of you rouge h lovers:

    what do you mean by "perhaps age has something to do with it "? does it become darker as it ages?

    when I was browsing around for Rouge H Clemence birkin at the tokyo resellers, my eyes tell me that the colour can be quite different from bag to bag under the same lighting. Since these birkins are all individually made, I guess I am not so surprised. do you have similar experiences?

    IMHO, part of the fun is discovering your birkin and getting acquainted with her and her true colours.
  11. licensetocook - how exciting for you getting a new birkin tomorrow. If you can, post pics for us to see the color and your big smile.
    It will probably look like the color of CobaltBlu's rouge H clemence bolide. Gorgeous. My camera if off with the colors. But my two rouge H birkins are definitely different colors IRL. Must be the type of leather. I was just thinking outloud re the age of the leather. I don't know if color darkens with age in a uniform manner all over the bag. There is a reference thread for colors and how they look on different leathers. The leather makes a big diff - but I didn't see togo vs clemence in rouge H. I'll go look again!
  12. We are DEFINITELY going to want to see pics of that baby!!!
  13. brunettetiger,
    The Hermes store in Virginia should have a leather book with samples of clemence in both colors. They probably at any given time will have at least one bag, maybe not a bolide, in each rouge so that you could see the colors in scale. I find the colors in clemence slightly darker than the same color in togo, but only slightly. Its not a dramatic difference, the way colors come out in box or chevre, where some colors come out a whole different color from what the color looks like in clemence. So if you see something in togo, it gives you a close idea of what it would look like in clemence. Another controversial idea would be to hop the acela to NY and go to the Madison store where they often have lots of bolides. At least you could see them in the flesh and then you would be able to sort out which color. There has been a ton of red at the wall street store lately, too. I hope this helps.
  14. I love this Bolide. :heart:
  15. I love her too!