Rouge Garance Lindy w/PH

  1. Dear Ladies:

    My SA has a Lindy in Rouge Garance with PH hardware, if anyone is interested, pls pm me and I'll give you my SA's contact.

    Happy Holidays!!!
  2. If only it were in Rouge H swift!
  3. Dear Ms. R:

    I'll keep my eye and ears open for you and if I ever seen 1 or being offered 1, I'll let you know!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!
  4. Hello. I'm new to this forum. Interested in the Lindy to add to my handbag collection. You mentioned someone had a Lindy for sale. If yes, will you give me details on the contact?
  5. What size is the Lindy, MORGANNG? 30 or 34? Thanks!
  6. Dear Ms. Fashnsta:

    Sorry for the late reply.... Been busy doing some last minute shopping....

    My SA has BOTH 30 and 34 and they are BOTH in PH. Let me know if you want the SA's info and pls. PM me.

    Hope this info helps...