Rouge Garance in Epsom.. what kind of red it is?

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  1. Is it sort of like bright red or dark red?

    Because I saw some photo on rouge garance on clemence and epsom leather. I found it looks quite difference, maybe due to different lighting..

    Anyone have more information on this color or pics?

    thank you! :yahoo:
  2. Bolide 31, rouge garance, epsom....
  3. Check out Costa's thread about her new bag (will Epsom get softer), she has a Rouge G in Epsom.
  4. thank you!

    Very nice red!!
  5. I am SO in LOVE with the Rouge Garrance...I just got a 42cc JPG in the color in Clemence & I LOVE IT...I am supposed to pick up the Zip Agenda in the Rouge Garrance in Epsom tomorrow!!!:yahoo:
    jpg birkin rouge garrance 0111.jpg