Rouge garance in different leathers...

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  1. So, I'm planning...well, ok, more like dreaming...of a future red H bag, and had done my research, looked at tons of photos, and thought that rouge garance was the red for me.

    Recently, I was at a boutique and saw a rouge garance bolide...and I was a bit disappointed in it...the leather was epsom, and when I spoke to my SA about it, she said that she preferred rouge garance in togo or clemence and that the color was "softer". We sort of got sidetracked and I didn't ask her specifically what she question is, does rouge garance look more muted in togo/clemence than in epsom? I wonder if that's what she meant by "softer"?
  2. each leather has different effect on each color. "Softer" could be like you said, maybe more mate and not so bright. I have the RG in Togo but I haven't seen the RG in Epsom. But it seems lighter leather give the color more vibrant, bright and pop effect color compared to the heavier leather as Togo and clemance. I have seen the Bj color in Epsom and it was refresing and brighter Bj compared to Togo and clemence (more mate and subtle). I hope this helps. I am sure other H expert here will tell more because they are more knowledgeable then me..:shame:
  3. Thanks Sweetea...

    That's interesting you should bring up blue jean...I've also seen blue jean in epsom and togo...and I actually thought blue jean in epsom looked paler and less saturated than blue jean in togo. When you say "brighter", do you mean paler?

    Anyway, that's why I thought rouge garance, if anything, would be paler in epsom, and perhaps more vibrant in togo/clemence.
  4. Cymbidium, I'm not sure if I agree with your SA calling RG in Togo/Clemence softer than in Epsom. I had an Epsom Bearn for about a day before I exchanged it, and I didn't like the color in Epsom but fell in love with it in Togo because I thought it was deeper and much richer--more red versus the Epsom, which rendered it lighter to me actually and had more of a rust/orange undertone than in Togo or Clemence. You are right, it is definitely brighter in Togo/Clemence than in Epsom.

    Here's an old picture of the RG Bearn in Epsom (next to Rouge H Chevre) and two pictures of RG in Togo so you can compare. I think the third picture is more accurate than the second one re: the color.
    CIMG2703.jpg CIMG0877.jpg CIMG2043.jpg
  5. I think you are right..I should use the word "paler" or "lighter" than brighter. Then my RG togo is deeper or brighter?
  6. Orchids!! Thank you so much for those photos, those were really helpful. Beautiful birkins as well! I'm relieved that you felt the same way about rouge garance in epsom vs. togo...I really was starting to wonder about my color perception and whether my monitor needed serious adjustment. Would you say that it is closest to a "true" red out of the Hermes reds?

    Sweetea, well I haven't seen RG togo IRL, but I guess orchids is saying that it is more saturated, so deeper/richer--and more droolworthy, IMO.

    Now, ok, does chevre come in rouge garance??? Would be grateful for any pics!
  7. [​IMG]

    This is my kelly 35 rouge Garance in Clemence. Clemence makes this color look like a true red
  8. Fleur de Lis, your kelly is stunning! OK, my faith in rouge garance is becoming restored, LOL.
  9. Thanks cym,
    It really is a great color and since it looks like a TRUE red it goes with almost everything
  10. Gorgeous Kelly FDL--I agree with you, in Clemence, Rouge Garance is very vibrant and looks like a true red; it is slightly darker in Togo--a bit more muted. I have owned an accessory or bag in a variety of Hermes Reds, and this is one of my favorites because it is so wearable.

    Another red you may want to consider is Rouge VIF in Fjord--absolutely stunning and it was available in last season's swatch book. In Fjord, it's a bit more subtle than Rouge VIF in Chevre (not available right now), and looks more like Rouge Garance but with a blue undertone.

    Someone was saying that RG did come in Chevre, but I have yet to see a bag in RG Chevre. For some reason, I don't think it'd look as nice--just based on the interior of my bag--has a bit more of a golden undertone to it.
  11. I agree. I :heart: the rouge vif in Fjord. A true "cool" red.
  12. My Paris Bombay is rouge garance epsom and it is a deep red with blue undertones. I agree that it is a lighter color in epsom than in clemence or togo. While I prefer vermillon because of its orangy undertones, I think rouge garance is a beautiful color.
  13. here's my rouge garance in togo with pink stitching... i love the richness of the red in togo

  14. Orchids is on target...look into rouge garance in fjord...very pretty. It makes a subtle statement and it is not "in your face".
  15. My RG in Epsom :p