Rouge Garance Birkin?

  1. Hi, I would like to get a rouge garance birkin. May I know if the birkin comes in rouge garance in the first place? Have anyone seen it in any stores recently? Thank you.:flowers:
  2. Yes I just bought one.. here is the photo.
  3. Yes. It comes in Birkin... Our members here scored rough grance Birkins. It is indeed gorgous!
  4. Wow! Its beautiful. If its ok with you, can you let me know or PM me on where I can get one? WOW, WOW, wow...
  5. Is that a 35 or 30?
  6. I just saw the thread that you posted. This is a size 30 and you got it in Gold Coast. Very very pretty.
  7. yes it is a 30. the gold coast store just had a JPG birkin in same color. if you want one give them a call or PM me.
  8. I just saw a thread on your gorgeous white JPG. Can it fit a lot? I usually carry quite a lot of stuff including a cardigan...
  9. it can fit a lot!! but bare in mind that it is very heavy i think around 1.5kg for the bag itself..
  10. Wow, that really weighs a lot. I got my first birkin (one and only), gold 35 togo 2 years ago, and I only carried it like 5 times at most because I find it very heavy.:sweatdrop:
  11. did u purchase your first birkin at singapore? i got all my birkin from australia.

    Compare to a togo 35, JPG is much heaviler due to the shape and the leather -clemence.
  12. Hi, I bought a 30 Birkin in rouge garance, clemence in September in Paris.
  13. ^^ TT, I have always been a great fan of yours, and I think it's time you update a family photo to share with your fans here. Yum Yum ...:wlae: :drool:
  14. Hi Mrs Sparkles! I am so flattered you remembered my little family. You've now inspired me to do a group photo again sometime soon, especially since I haven't taken one with the two new members of the *clan*! :heart:
  15. Love, love this color!