Rouge Garance 35 cm Birkin Togo SH

  1. What say you to this?

    No picture because enquiry is over the phone.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Sounds gorgeous!
  3. We were talking on the other thread [black birkin] of bolide vs birkin. I know the inside of the bolide - agneau lamb - is lushous, and it is very convenient to use. But for now I would say if you get offered a birkin you can afford then choose that first over bolide. I don't know about that color - isn't it an orangy-red? Good luck. Keep us posted.
  4. Rouge Garance is a beautiful color, very excited to learn what you will decide:smile:
  5. I think I read somewhere that togo is the most popular leather for birkin. I love my togo.
  6. go for it!
  7. i would LOVE one of those..
    I'd say go for it!!
  8. My planner is Rouge Garance and the color is beautiful. I say go get it!
  9. I'd say yes. :smile:
  10. I love Rouge Garance. Please decide to take it!
  11. what's the status...inquiring minds want to this lovely yours?!!!?