Rouge First or Day?

  1. So, I've decided to get a red bag, now I have decide between the first and the day. I'm 5'3" and I'd be using it as an everyday bag, running errands, etc. I don't normally carry much so size is not really a concern.
  2. Considering height and that you don't carry much, I'd vote for First, which would work for a night out too.
  3. I know I'm short, hehe!
  4. I agree with Gia. :yes: I think a red first looks so cute, and would work well as an evening bag! I don't have a first yet, but red would be my #1 choice if I ever decide to get one. :tup:
  5. I'm 5'4" and the day suits me really well. It's not overwhelming at all. It's a great everyday's low key yet so stylish. It's roomy and fits a ton when you want and carries a little in style too. I know you mentioned size not be an issue...but it's always nice to have the option too (carrying alittle..or more). My vote..DAY. There are some threads about height and the day style. You might consider doing a search on it. There are some nice modeling pics. Good Luck!
  6. normally i'd say day but i love the first in red! plus it can also be a nighttime bag-so i'd say first!
  7. a red/tomato First, one word = STUNNING! go for the First girl! the photos I've seen are gorgeous! keep us posted!
  8. :yahoo::yahoo:OMG, I just ordered a first!!! I can't wait, it's going to be my first red bag!! Thank you everyone for giving me the courage, lol! ;)
  9. Ohhh yay, congrats!!! :yahoo: The First is my favorite style... and in red, hot damn haha. :p
  10. I also think you should get the first. I am pretty tiny myself and I like the first a lot better.
  11. i have a vif first and it's the best. I like to keep bright colors on small bags only to tone down the "hey look at my bright bag" factor. Also the first style is a good day-night-weekend style. Very versatile for various occasions. You made and excellent choice! enjoy her and share pics.