Rouge Dior

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    Sultry Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci, who topped AskMen’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in 2004, is the muse for Dior’s lipstick Rouge Dior.

    Monica who can speak Italian, French, English and Aramaic fluently, made a notable appearance in The Passion of the Christ as Magdalen. She has also starred in the Matrix series as Persephone.

    Dior promotes Rouge Dior as a long lasting satin-smooth lipstick with ingredients to soothe, moisturize and protect lips! It’s soft and creamy texture guarantees maximum comfort while the extensive range of creative and trendy colors makes finding your ideal lip shade easy.

    Source: Make Her Up

  2. i love this woman but the amount of photoshopping done on the lips in the first pic is just too much :nogood: they look like swollen oranges.
  3. what's sick is that women come in my spa asking for radiesse, or juevederm to look like that... i'm always like "unless you get paid to have lips like that (lol porn) dont bother"

    but i really like Monica Bellucci, shes rediculously beautiful
  4. she also had a lot of work done to look like this ;)
  5. omg.. i want her surgeon

  6. monica bellucci gorgeousness aside (THIS WOMAN IS ABSOLUTELY HOT. between her and dita, i think they're perfect for the dior look), the rouge dior lipstick is really pretty good. i'm using it at the moment actually and i love the cannage pattern on the casing. (i sound like i'm working for dior cosmetics or something! :p)

    and here are the youtube videos of monica and the rouge dior promotion:
    (them interviewing her and her looking RED HOT!)
    the advertisment for rouge dior (with bellucci in it of course). can't say i'm a big fan of the advert since i think the one with charlize is better (maybe because charlize was wearing the largest bling known to humanity)

  7. you should be able to track him down ur in the business hun! :tup:

    PS: did u make a certain trip to the outlet in the end? :graucho:

  8. honey we are all working for Dior, looking at the enabling job we are doing ! :wlae:

    ITA Dita von Teese is an absolute star...
  9. lols i have that lipstick but it really isnt as hot as it s all hyped up to be. i bought one for my mom and one for myself (=
  10. i love the eye makeup in the ad but am not feeling the lips lol