Rouge Day/Hobos at Bal NY

  1. I just called & ordered a Rouge hobo from Bal NY:biggrin: Thanks aaallabama! She said they had 3 in (now 2) Hurry if you want one!

    I usually go against the rule & carry large colorful bags. I know alot of people said they prefer the hobo in lighter/subtle colors but I adore my apple green hobo & it's not exactly subtle!;) My clothes are usually pretty simple & understated so I need a good pop of color.

    By the way, I asked what magenta bags were in stock. They only had 1 Shrug & a clutch.

    Someone has GOT to stop me:shocked:
  2. Congratulations!!! So happy for you. Man all this talk about the hobos makes me really want to have one. Good thing my checkbook can't support it! lol
  3. OH GOD, i so want a hobo. stop talking about them everyone, and stop buying them.... get them out of my head!
  4. I think they also have/had ice blue.
  5. wooooooooooo-whooooooooooo!!!...congratulations acegirl :yahoo:
  6. Maybe I'll will get yours!? I asked her to pick me out the best one;)
  7. lol, maybe so, that's too funny :P ...please post pics once it arrives!!!
  8. hi guys, sorry for the silly question, but are you referring to the new rouge red, 06 fall winter? i was going to preorder a grenat weekender and thought that these colors were not out until june/ july?
    do i have my info mixed up? should i run over there right now?
    i sent them email yesterday , and did not hear back yet... oh.. somethimes the west side seems so so far away!
  9. CONGRATS acegirl !! It's a GORGEOUS bag and a great color for Spring/Summer :yes::flowers:
  10. i think acegirl probably got the Fall 05 Rouge... the coming rouge vif isn't out yet.

  11. oh, that makes sense. thanks for clearing that up... i often wonder what older stock they have in there...its so mysterious in there...

  12. Yep sorry, it was the 05 Rouge...
  13. I spoke to BalNY today and in case anyone cares...they do not have any ink firsts or ink twiggys. Sold out.
  14. i wanna first sooooooooooooo badly...but i'm going to hold out & see the new fall colors...maybe the royal blue or the grenat :wondering

    p.s. i love your quote LoriB!!!
  15. Congrats, Acegirl! I think the 05 rouge is just awesome!