Rouge color

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  1. Have any of you seen the rouge color or have a bag in that color? I have been on the website looking at the large Phoebe in rouge and am wondering if it is a rose color as it looks on my monitor.
  2. I've seen it at my FP store, it's a pretty color but looked to me like it's in the mauve family. More on the pink side of mauve, but mauve-ish. I think the website pics look more pink than the color is IRL.
  3. I have the small wristlet in light rouge and it's a deep fleshy rosy pink. Just beautiful.
  4. I have the small sadie and the NS tote in Rouge. The IRL colors are really close to what you see online. Hth? How r u, btw? :smile:
  5. Saw it in store and its very pretty. I agree that's its more of an earthy mauve than a rosy rouge. Think southwest colors and its pretty close to that.
  6. Got from outlet last week. No. Not a return. This color in this bag has been deleted!
  7. Thank you. Happy to see you're back on the forum!
  8. That is a really pretty color, nice to see you here again!

  9. Ohhhh very pretty! I really hadn't paid attention to this color, I really like it, Congrats!
  10. Stunning color! Congrats on your beautiful bag :smile:
  11. thanks Ladies, and GrannyTobbi I didnt mean to take over ya thread I just wanted to show you the color....
  12. Granny, I forgot to mention that my tote was from outlet as well. I'd gone to get this at fp , then saw it was gone and next day...voila. At the outlet. That color got deleted mighty fast. The small sadie looks like it's still at fp. It's a really pretty mauve that's more pink than grey.....
  13. I didn't see it as taking over my thread. I'm just happy to see you back, I think everyone has missed you.
  14. Thank you proff, it really is a pretty color, glad you found one.
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392766427.071992.jpg

    Here is my small rouge Phoebe with an older MFF wallet. It's a gorgeous color.