Rouge City Bag ~ Phone call from NY store

  1. Hello everyone. I was on the waiting list for the rouge bag, city size, at Bal NY. I got a phone call from Daphne earlier this afternoon letting me know the bag was in. I decided against purchasing this since I have so many other bags on my wishlist right now. If anyone, wants my spot on this list just reply to my post and we can work something out.

  2. It's in already?!? Did anyone else get a call? I wonder how many they got...
  3. I didn't ask how many she had. But, I got on the list months awhile back.
  4. Oh, they must not have gotten that many in yet, then. I'm 13 or 15 on the list. Arghhh...I want it sooo badly already! lol!
  5. does it mean the blue india is in too?
  6. ^^I don't think Blue India is due in for another 2 months. I could be wrong though.
  7. I called BalNY and they said that they haven't receieved the Rouge Vif/Fire Engine red City bags yet, but that they are expecting them in a couple days.:sad: Maybe they only got a few bags in on Saturday. Did anyone else get the call?
  8. No phone call here.:crybaby: Hopefully it won't be much longer.
  9. I think they only got like 10 bags on Saturday then.:sad: They did say that they would be getting some in a couple days, though. So, that won't be toooo much longer. I'm definitely going to overnight it to me. lol! Hopefully, we'll have ours by this weekend!:yahoo:
  10. I will overnight mine too.:yes: Can't wait!:yahoo:
  11. I got my phone call on Sunday (yesterday).. and apparently they sent mine out today already?! hmm.. weird.. and i was like in the 30 range when i checked w/ them a few weeks ago.. =/
  12. What?!? Aw, man! Not fair! I was number 13 or 15 on the list. :crybaby: Sounds like my SA skipped over me when she made the calls and they are all out now.:sad: Guess I have to wait for the next batch...
  13. Arghhhh!!! The wonderful gregsgirl PMed me to let me know she had kindly called BalNY and asked them to give up her waiting list spot for me for the Fire engine red City. :heart: Well, I called to get it and my SA had entered into the system that I wanted and was already sent out the Fire Engine Red First instead!!! Arghhh! I never asked for or received the First!:rant: So, the sweet SA that I tried to order the City from just now said she has to leave it to my SA to fix and that I had to call her tomorrow to figure out what happened.:crybaby: She also said that they did get enough Fire Engine Red City bags, but she's not sure why I got skipped over. She did say that she would make sure to set one aside for me, though so I can order it with my SA tomorrow.:heart:
  14. Congrats justwhiper. I am in the late teens range, I wonder when I'll get my call.....hopefully soon!:P

    Post pics when you get your beautiful bag.
  15. Oh no, I hope everything gets resolved!

    Hmmmm maybe I should call to see about my bag. I just hate to be a bother.