Rouge cardinal work or coquelicot city

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  1. I am about to purchase a RC Work RH. This means I have to let my Coquelicot City RH go. Should I do it or should I stay with the City. Which one do you prefer.
    Please help!
  2. Hmmm if you don't already have a work, go for it! Only do it if you feel ready to let go of your city, and it sounds like you are :smile:
  3. I have a Work in Dark Night SGH, in Papyrus SGH and in Ultraviolet RH. I really don't know what to do. It is that once I prefer smaller bags then the next month bigger.
  4. I know what you mean- I pretty much never use my cities anymore in favour of my bigger bbags. It sounds like the work is calling to you! Do you have many other cities?
  5. Sounds like me.....back and forth. I gave my daughter my VIF Work when I bought my Coq. city and miss it every time I see her carry it. If I were you I would hold onto both and see which one you reach for the most and then decided after a few months. I really wish I had done this -I would have kept both!
  6. I might do that although I need the money. I have six Cities.
  7. Omg 6! Get some variety; get the work!! :smile:
  8. Agree! ^