Rouge buffalo!

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    This is further to my Hermes "wildlife" post. I have seen this bag in person, and it's gorgeous. A 35 rouge buffalo crinolin bag -- available at jemznjewels site.

    Does anybody have the same or similar bag? Is it heavy? Does it scratch easily Is this still made?

    Any information would be appreciated!:yes:
  2. Buffalo Skipper leather is very hardy and has a thick, lovely grain that is very pronounced. I think it looks a little like Fjord.
    I don't think it's been discontinued but I'm not sure if they are currently producing much, if not any of it.
  3. This is the same leather that the interesting Dalmatian bags are made of. Very durable and hardy! Another thing that distinguishes Buffalo Skipper is that the crest of each "bump" is darker than the "valleys". I don't see this leather much anymore, either.
  4. Pretty interesting. Nice color too.
  5. I have the matching Cabas Tote and I love it, it is far more roomy than it looks and is great for lugging files and work stuff around and matches my Rouge H Birkins beautifully

  6. Hi there all.
    I have this exact combination of buffalo rouge h and crinolin in a 35cm kelly,and it is an extremely chic bag IMO. light, duarable and wears well. and I confirm that Hermes has discontinued the Buffalo (Buffle Skipper) I was in the Manhattan store yesterday and a SA told me it is removed from the leather book. Go for it it is a great combination! LOL
  7. One word of caution, regarding the fabric crinoline. I have seen bags where this fabric has shredded. I don't think it can be repaired.
  8. I love buffalo skipper, especially the dual color one!! :love:

    Though, I was told that it has been discontinuted since two years ago....:cry:

    Hope they will have it available again soon...:idea:
  9. You're absolutely correct, hermeslady - I use this fabric in my work, and it shreds like a #$%$##!!!!!!!!! And cannot be repaired!

    Having said that, it IS a lovely bag! Great colours!
  10. Ladies, thank you for your valuable input. Although it's a gorgeous bag, I think I want a more low maintenance bag... I think I would be rather upset if the crinolin ever starts unraveling...:cry:

  11. Flossyfigaro, I also love this in the tote! Jemzenjewel also had the matching tote at a certain point...
  12. I have posted this pic before but from another site. I love the combination.
  13. rochasgirl, sorry I missed your earlier post.... I saw a swanky looking woman carrying this bag at a restaurant in Ginza (of course, Beige!)