Rouge Arena Bowler $795 at Sabine's

  1. OMG lovely!!!
  2. I was so hoping it was going to be a mini bowling. Pretty, just not for me. Hope someone here gets it!
  3. Someone should get this!!!!!!!!:love:
  4. It's mine now. Heh heh. :graucho::yahoo:

    I've been eyeing the Bowler for a while, but in blueberry. BUt now that I just got a blue Paddy, it makes more sense for me not to get another blue bag. I just hope the rouge is not too bright for conservative little me!

    I called and talked to Sabine herself to place the order. She is SOOO wonderful. She gave me an extra $25 off for being a TPF member, and also upgraded my shipping to 3-day shipping for free so I could have it by the weekend. Amazing! I highly recommend her and I would definitely shop with her again in the future.
  5. :yahoo: OMG!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS luv!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: You are going to LOVE it!!!! Great deal!!!!!!:heart:
  6. congrats LUV, it is absolutely stunning~!!!!!
  7. i wish i saw this post earlier ~~~ T_T~~~~~
  8. congrats, luvmygirls!

    but darn it, i wish i'd seen this post eariler...
  9. Excellent job, luv! Would love to see pics of you wearing her when she gets to you... :yes:
  10. Congrats:yahoo:
  11. In case anyone was wondering about Sabine's:

    See post #7 by Rally midway down first page:

    and post #4 by Vlad:

    EDIT: Just wanted to make clear that I don't support Rally's whole tirade; just wanted to point out the specific part of post #7 that refers back to Vlad's statements regarding Sabine's authenticity. I have no affiliation with Sabine. I just think it's a good thing to voice my support for small shops that do sell authentic merchandise.