rouge and tomato

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  1. can anyone tell me the difference between the colour rouge and tomato especially for the coin purses?
  2. Rouge=tomato :yes: It's just 2 names for the same color.
  3. They could be two different colors.

    Tomato is from the F/W 2007 season. Rouge VIF is from a previous season.

    If you check the Bal reference section, you'll find pics of both colors.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Or it could be Rouge Vermillion???? Nonetheless, Tomato is a gorgeous lusty red:heart:
  5. I think they are also calling tomato rouge. It is so confusing. When I was trying to track down my tomato first, store were calling it rouge and vermillion and everything else. Even the stores don't know what they have.
  6. i understand it to be: FW06=rouge vif, SS07=vermilion, FW07=tomato/rouge
  7. so...does anyone know what the difference is between VERMILLION 07 and ROUGE/Tomato 07? which one is more of a blue red? looking for something closer to the 2003 or 2005 REDs....and which one is more similiar to the ROUGE VIF? i dont want an orangey red some reds in the past looked too orangey..want a deep blue red..
    thanks guys! (am new to the forum)
  8. definitely rouge FW 07 since vermilion is known to have more orange in it.. tomato is closer to vif and more of a pure saturated red... but i'm not sure if i can say it's a deep blue red, vif is more of a blue red..
  9. Hi CP-Love your name!! Makes me salivate evertime I see one of your posts!!

    This thread might be of use:

    It is comparison shots of '04 True Red/'06 Rouge vif/'07 Tomato

    I, too, am a lover of real (lipstick) reds. I cannot stand orangey reds...but want that slight tip towards blue. I've found that '04 True Red delivers the best on that front with Tomato a VERY close 2nd. I have not yet seen Rouge Theatre "05) IRL, but I understand that that, too, is a TRUE lipstick red. I found the Vermillion way too orange for my taste and the Rouge vif just a TAD more orange than Tomato. I have the first three listed below and returned my Vermillion because of the oraegn factor.

    So, leaving Rouge Theatre out of the mix for the moment (and I realize this is a BIG omission!), in descending order, i would say:

    True Red
    Rouge vif

    Hope this doesn't confuse things even more!
  10. thanks maggien! i love caramel:heart:33 & pancakes. explains my username. ok im gonna check out that link u gave